So if you’re curious… this is my musical journey so far.

I’m originally from Cornwall and began performing as a folk singer/songwriter in 2007 with the release of my first album, 'Coco's Jar,' as The Roholio Project - a folk duo with my friend Tim Pointer.

The project evolved into a fluid group, sometimes a duo, sometimes a trio, and became Roholio. I self-released four more albums under this name until using my actual name in 2015 with the album, ‘Time.’ Throughout those years I was training as a Secondary Music Teacher and graduated with a PGCE in 2011.

I then began balancing teaching with touring up and down the UK, with every new album release. In 2018 I started a new project with a fellow multi-instrumentalist, Ian Holleran, and we began gigging as a tribute to Johnny Cash and June Carter as we’re big fans! We both grew up listening to Johnny Cash and it felt like a fairly natural progression.

It was around this time I began gigging more seriously as a wedding musician and gathering more students and finally in 2019 I took the plunge and became a self-employed, full time musician.

A lot has happened since then – namely a global pandemic! – but I have faith and passion for what I do and have delved deep into the internet to ensure the survival of my business.

Covid-19 was a substantial motivator and since it hit I have written online courses, developed a YouTube tutoring channel, learnt how to deliver online tuition, recorded another album – this time at home – and I have written another that I’m hoping to release in 2022.

I continue to evolve and remain grateful as ever for the support of my fans and students alike. I hope to bring you more music and musical endeavours in the future!