We're here! Against all odds (my 2nd favourite Phil Collins song not counting his contributions through Genesis) we made it to the convent in Stroud and after four days of Cystitis, - that sounds like a song title for the worst song ever - two trips to the pharmacy and one two hour wait at A&E I think/hope/pray that I am finally on the mend. Admittedly a roll top bath and bubbles helped...

I guess I've been burning the candle at both ends and this is perhaps divine intervention? The Cystitis nearly made me miss a private function celebrating Canada day and a birthday but thankfully three paracetamols (don't do this on your own kids) took care of that and I had a lovely evening complete with campfire, s'mores and fireworks. It was lovely to pay homage to all the Canadian acts I grew up loving; Bryan Adams, Sarah McLachlan, Rita McNeil and you know what I might as well list a few more that although I didn't cover, had and continue to have a massive impact on my music. Alanis Morissette, Celine Dion, Loreena McKennitt. All top notch artists that bring something new to the table so naturally now I feel like I need to go to Canada and see "her green fields" for myself.

Back to the convent then and we're just settling in for the night after going through the first four tracks I hope to record tomorrow (nothing like a last minute cram of note taking and musical refreshment). Feeling a little jittery but I can't tell if it's because I've been ill all day or just nerves for the recording... then again it could be the fear of waking up to the spirit of a nun at the foot of my bed...

Only 'Time' will tell ;)


Rose x

Well thus ends a very stressful week! As many of you know the Tapeley gig was unfortunately cancelled due to lack of ticket sales - I guess we can't stress enough the need for advance sales these days - and then a bunch of tea towels and an overstocked cupboard meant I put my back out Wednesday and since then I've felt pretty rigid and low to be honest but hey never mind! I'm more that ready to bounce back with a second wave of enthusiasm! 

Let's talk about father's day, just briefly mind on account of it being a touchy subject. It's nice to see everyone taking to social media with their selfies and I must say it's nice to see people remembering those they lost as well. It was probably the displays I saw last year on my feed that compelled me to share a picture this year but whatever it was I'm glad I did it. I'm normally quite private and although many of you know from the twaddle I talk between songs that I have lost a fair amount of people non were as important to me as my Dad; although they came close.

Growing up with one parent was hard enough and one of the opposite gender made puberty particularly difficult (for both of us!) but he was always there, supportive and encouraging. An absolute rock who would go out of his way to help anyone. I made a promise to my Dad that I would never forget him - I thought it was daft he even asked me to promise... I also swore I'd never wear those wireless head-mounted microphones he saw Britney wearing once... (he felt they looked stupid). His lasting impression is so obvious in my songs and the person I've become; it's why I feel the need to tell the world of my Dad. I remember making a winamp skin of him - does anyone still use winamp? - and I think it got 2 downloads somewhere in the middle east and I felt I'd made him famous! He's always in my songs, lurking in the background, like some warm lantern guiding the way and I think he'll be there again next week when I come to record my sixth album.

To quote Rafiki (for no particular reason), "It is time."

Happy Father's Day x


Well I said I'd be back and I'm back! Writing/annoying you again :P Let's start by talking about BAAM fest. It went well, I think? I had a small but faithful crowd gathered at my feet in the very red tent and they were very forgiving of the frog in my throat as I tried out new tunes. It was good to reconnect with old friends and to sing 'Widemouth Bay' in it's home town. The only thing that would have made that more perfect for me were if I'd actually sung it on the cliffs of Widemouth Bay, it felt right to bring it home although I guess people forget I'm a Cornish girl these days. I remember discussing what I was with my Dad when I was younger as I was one of a generation of kids living in Bude but born in Barnstaple as our local hospital wasn't really setup for child birth. As a result we are doomed to wander the counties, unlabelled! Haha 


Anyway let's talk about the album. I've got two weeks. TWO WEEKS! Where has the time gone? Two weeks 'til I'm back in the studio (where I belong) recording my sixth album, which will also technically be my debut album, as Roseanna Ball - even though we changed the artwork of Geography for the reissues so as not to confuse people..... I'm not helping am I? The album has suffered many changes since it's first conception last year but I think I've finally decided on a title and you heard it here first. It will be called Time and there is a title track which no doubt some of you have heard on soundcloud in its demo format. I only hope I can convey the same emotion in it when I properly record it! I'm hoping to launch this album at a very special location in North Devon, one I've never launched at before. I'll let you know more when I've got dates confirmed 'cause I don't like to count my chickens before they've hatched!


In the mean time I'll be supporting Boo Hewerdine (my producer) at Tapeley Park this Wednesday and I'm planning to unveil some new tunes and maybe even a new instrument.... intrigued? Come on down and cash in those hugs I've been promising! Seriously I need cuddles :P

Rose x