Okay well maybe not quite but that's how you feel the first time someone you don't know approaches you and says, "didn't I hear you on the radio?" Haha okay I'm leaping but I have got a lot of radio appearances this week so maybe that's why I'm feeling a little special :) On Thursday I'm on Street Live at the Voice FM from 7:30pm on Saturday morning I'm on BBC Radio Devon from 10:30am and Saturday evening from around 7:50pm I'll be on Riviera FM :O! I'm worn out just looking at that list but it should be great fun!

I had a blast last week promoting the kickstarter and was over the moon to see we got in the Journal and one of Ben's lovely pictures got printed. I played at Nature's Nutrition on Saturday, as you know, and managed to raise £55.58 from busking then when I got home I found a £20 donation on the mat. This along with a massive pledge over the weekend has left me rocketing towards the finish line with 12 days to go and I am unbelievably grateful and astounded at the generosity of people.

So I now feel newly enthused to make sure this album is different from Geography and grabs you by the ears. You see I confess I've been battling with the track list for a month or so 'cause nothing was really jumping out at me and obviously kickstarter had taken over my mind! Yesterday however I had a moment when I tried out a song I wrote on mandolin last year on the banjo and it suddenly fell into place. I added it to the second list I've been working on (the album that would have come after this next one) and it dawned on me that it was a much better album and I thought, I really should be recording that one. I shared the song and thoughts with Ben and he agreed, somewhat bluntly, that my original plans for this record weren't going to work. So with all of this in mind I can tell you exclusively that I currently have nine tracks that I would like to record (which will undoubtedly increase) I've got a working title and if all goes to plan I'll play 5 different types of instrument on it. Now that sounds a lot more exciting than my 13 track Geography II list I had going on which only featured three at the most!

So I'm feeling very very VERY excited and now I just need one final push to get me to the target. I only need to raise £29 more so please, you wonderful people, keep spreading the word and I'll keep spreading the word and together we will get there!

Rose x

Maybe I should've titled this blog entry kick-up-the-ass! I certainly feel I've had one... and not in a bad way! Scotland gave me a week to gather my thoughts and unwind but it also made me realise nothing will happen if I don't make it happen so I've been pushing the Kickstarter like mad and I am happy to announce I will be performing at Nature's Nutrition, 45 Mill Street EX39 2JW Bideford this Saturday to promote it. I'll be there from 12 noon singing some tunes and I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about the project. I'm very happy to see us pass the £700 mark. 20 days to go, can we make it?

I was lucky enough to play on The Voice FM's Colin Slatter breakfast show last Saturday and had an absolute blast trying out some new tunes. Ironic he enjoyed the one I had a slight slip-up on the most!

I'm heading down to Riviera FM next Saturday to play for Jackson Cooper, any song suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Last time I was there I remember I played the mandolin and dulcimer so I'm hoping to mix it up a bit for him and do something a bit different.


I'm also in the midst of arranging to go back on the Voice FM for their street live show in the next week. I'll let you know when dates have been confirmed! Can you tell I've been cramming?

On the more creative side I've really enjoyed hearing feedback this week from Amazon and Soundcloud. I cannot begin to tell you how great it feels to be told by someone you've never met that your music touched them. I make music because I can't not make music so to hear that this involuntary word play of mine brings you happiness is pure magic and it makes it all the more worth while. So thank you, you lovely bunch. You're awesome x

Rose x


That's not some he-man reference (by the power of grey skull and all) it's the title of a new song I wrote on the flight back. Flight back? You say, yes the flight back from an unexpected and early birthday present to...... Scotland!

I have always longed for Scotland, probably something to do with it being in my blood on both sides of the tree, but when I saw those mountains it was like it was like everything else melted away. Such a peaceful and stunning place; a bit like middle earth really but better 'cause there were no pesky orcs. Wonderful, mysterious land, I fully recommend it! I'll save the best stories for my gigs but I will say I had my first sip of Drambuie and my best taste of Haggis there. IF you're still um-ing and ah-ing on whether or not to go. Book it. Book it now!

So that was good but it did distract me from the stresses of kickstarter and getting the word out; which was probably the lovely Ben's intention. So here I am back home, sheltering from the rain thinking "ahhh 27 days to go!!!" but thankfully wheels are in motion for some radio spots and a local promo in the centre of Bideford in the next few weeks so really it's not so bad and I'm going to try and stay positive and optimistic that we'll get there. I'm also going to try and shake this sore throat and get practising this week as I've got some demos to be a-making! 

It feels very strange that I'll turn 26 on Wednesday and will have been performing for about 9 years - where on earth does the time go? I remember one of my first gigs was singing summer of 69 at the Buller's arms. I still cringe when I remember how my voice split because I was so nervous! wow that was more like 10 years ago now... and I remember how I'd attempt to frequent the Old Smithy Inn's open mic on a Tuesday to try out new tunes and covers and you could hear a pin drop whenever I sang 'Bird on a wire.' Sadly that turned me into a bit of a one trick pony but I'd like to think I've come a long way since then! Here's to another nine years!


Rose x