As you can probably tell I'm getting pretty excited about Japan now, only one more sleep! I will literally be up at 2am tomorrow morning and travelling by half past! How mad is that, I already feel exhausted :-O!

Anyway before I descend into proper giggly holiday girl mode I should probably give you a little update into the world of Roholio :-) So last you heard from me I think I was just getting the artwork ready for the duplicators. The album was sent off last week but yes, in true murphy's law fashion, it has returned with some faults... a pretty major fault really in that they put the wrong track listing on the back >.< Whoops! Oh well, they have been gracious enough to ensure me they will send replacement wallets so that's good. Hopefully I can reassemble Geography when I return.

Track wise I cut it from twelve to ten (told you there'd be some cuts). Let's face it, it was pretty inevitable. As much as I love The Anchor and Hope Hill they just didn't add to the album in the way the others did but I've been good and shared them on reverb nation and sound cloud so that you can have a sneaky peak at what I've been up to. Feel free to give me some feedback on them, hopefully something more constructive than, 'you suck'

Played an interesting gig last night which allowed me to test some new material and deliverym readying myself for the Queens. I have to say I am really looking forward to that one. The songs are thriving with Kiera and I'm hoping to have a bit of support from an old friend too so that I can bring you some favs that require two people to perform.

So there you have it, onwards and upwards (literally, like up into the sky). Big thanks as always for sticking with me and showing your support amd I'll see you all soon.


Ja ne!


Rose x

Hi guys


I woke up this morning writing this blog entry in my head but the exact wording of what I was going to say has gone - which is probably for the best ‘cause it was pretty mopey! Why mopey you ask? Well I’m just feeling it this week, maybe its the repercussions of last week, maybe its just that it’s August and I have too many bad memories associated with August, maybe it’s all the digs. I guess it’s all of those things combined, you know how some days you just wake up and think, ‘why am I doing this?’ ’ ‘why am I putting myself through this,’ well I’ve had about three days like that this week but I’m hoping to replace the sadness with sheer terror as we get closer to my departure date for Japan.


See I can hear you all now yelling at your screens, YOU’RE GOING TO JAPAN, LIGHTEN UP! Good point, so I will! There’s lots to do in this last week, photoshoot for one so I can get Geography sent off for duplication (otherwise it won’t be available at the Queen’s and we can’t have that!). I’ve also got another practise scheduled with Kiera which I’m looking forward to - all is going well on that front :) and then there’s the holiday mumbo jumbo - which I secretly love. I’m finishing the week off with a gig at the Calvert Trust on Exmoor too so I should really have no complaints, it will be a good week ‘cause there will be so much to do. I guess this week I just spent too much time thinking about all the bad things that had been said to me or all the let downs rather than focusing on all the good coming my way. 


My apologies, I’ll be good!



Rose x


Okay this has been a strange week, I’ve had lots of ups and lots of side steps. Following on from last weeks empowering first solo gig this weeks’ second was a bit of a mixed bag. Met by hissing for not having an item of PA equipment (which was not included in the ‘please bring with you’ correspondence) I was then determined to completely go to the limits of what I was capable of and deliver a damn good show.

As you can see the banjo had its first public outing and I did at least feel like I did that so musically it was a good gig but after my set I was met by downplays and one guy even approached me asking me about the quick reference I’d made to who I’d written The Thatcher about so I explained, in great length, as he seemed interested. He then said, 'okay I didn’t want to know I’m just saying either explain yourself or say nothing.’ Right. I was so taken back I texted my friends immediately asking if it was just me! ‘No’ they replied haha.


That wasn’t really the end of it but lets just say the evening finished with a carrot being dangled in my face and someone basically saying oh you can’t have the carrot unless you’ve got a band backing you. As I’ve told many people of late I’m not looking to replace anyone and am frankly enjoying the free time and opportunities that come with being solo.


I am currently listening to the first mixes of Geography with a critical ear - which is proving harder than once thought as I keep joining in with the singing ><! There are definitely some surprises on this album, guitars that sound like pianos for one. It’s nice to hear songs that were about to be dropped completely come alive and even better to hear songs that I thought would skeletal be bulked with vocals and unexpected twists. I am a bit taken back by it to be honest with you, here I have a completely different album from what I set out to make but I’m quite proud of it. It is different, it is not Evergreen II it stands alone which is something I always hope to say about each album. I think the most wonderful thing about this album is the clear influence of 1950s pop on 'Happiest when Barefoot & Kissing’ which happened purely by chance in an effort to fill in for the lack of bass. I was raised on Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers, Eddie Cochran and I think it’s never been clearer in my music than now so it’s nice to have something to pay homage to those legends.


So getting back to the big ol’ plug ;) Geography is just about on track to be released on September 10th at The Queen’s Theatre. Kiera Osment is confirmed for support and she will be joining me on some original tracks which we’ve begun practising. Honestly I know I always say this about Kiera but she really is phenomenal, I am very much looking forward to sharing the stage with her once more :-)


Phew so there you have it! I’m going to have a bit of a rest now til the 17th then it’s off to Japan! Scary how fast time is going now!


Talk soon x