Hello again :-)


Apologies for being a day late I was swimming in the sea til about 8pm last night so admin kind of went out the window... had a great time playing for the lovely Pam Page at her retirement party despite being bitten by the most evil of all horse flies. There I was in the middle of a melodic vocal run and I felt the bite of a cretin, looked down at my knee and saw him there just drinking away at my blood as if it was okay. I decided to be professional and finish the song first before swiping him off - he stayed the entire time feasting on my knee - and by the end of it I walked away with a big lump on my knee which is still hot and swollen today! Good job they had pavlova haha it was a lovely party though and I did in all honesty have a great time and was honoured to play.


So moving on from my sore knee it is dun dun DUHN three weeks until I fly to Japan for a holiday. I realise this is probably the first time I've mentioned it on here so I'll quickly explain the plan. Basically land in Tokyo, bullet train it to Osaka & Kyoto and basically visit shrines, museums, Geishas, Bamboo Forests and Rollercoasters, land in Bristol knackered a mere three weeks from the album launch. Gulp. Yes I am bricking it, lots of deadlines coming up and the date of geography is very much out of my hands at the moment but hey a little blind faith can go a long way!


I'm very excited about playing Hollocombe Music Club this Friday in Winkleigh Community Centre. So excited in fact I've been printing new price lists, mailing lists, set lists (every kind of list....) and even ran the set this morning. For some reason it inspired me to write a new song about dragonflies but I don't question it, just go with the magic :) I'm supporting the Boys from Melbourne Street, who have also provided the best soundtrack while I've been printing all my lists off, so it's all looking dandy at this rare and precise moment in time!


And so I think I'll leave on an excited, chaotic, happy note of hysteria! 

Talk soon,


Rose x



It's a wrap! At 1pm Greenwich meantime yesterday it was confirmed that after hours of me layering vocals and singing just about as low as I can go, the recording of Geography was finished!!!!

Words cannot describe the sheer elation that was felt! This has by far been the most expensive and tricky record to produce, it's also the longest as I've got a whopping twelve tracks to sort through in order to bring you a fluid, well paced masterpiece! Well that's the plan anyway.... I'm aiming for ten tracks although that could grow to eleven but we'll see. I want you to get a good mix and not be bored after the first 2 tracks - pacing is everything. It's obviously going to be a very different recording from what it became, although I suppose it might not be too dissimilar from how I had originally envisaged it before I collaborated. Either way I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised and hopefully as pleased with it as I am.


On other news I have begun working with Jericho for the *finger crossed* album launch at The Queen's Theatre in September. I am also looking at collaborating with Kiera Osment again, who joined me in The Plough Arts Centre last October. I'm looking at making it a night to remember with some unusual arrangements and sparkling melodies and who knows, maybe an unexpected cover or two ;-)

I know things have been a bit up in the air lately but I'm ready to bring them back down to Earth and give you the music I dream of - I literally do dream some of this up! So thank you, as ever, for sticking with me. Thank you to anyone who ever came to one of my shows. Thank you to the musicians I have worked with and learnt from and thank you to the friends that have been there - you know who you are.

I can't believe that a ten minute song that started at the end of friend's bed - on their guitar no less - has become the title track and umbrella for this album. This record will without a doubt be a milestone for me and I could not of written it or completed it without your support.

Thank you.


Rose x


Hello again!

After a long and some what laborious week I can honestly say I am at last feeling positive! I've got a couple promo gigs lined up for August - which is a strange as I had initially planned a break till September - which I'm really looking forward to and I am really working hard and aiming to finish recording Geography next Sunday. I can now confirm that Mike Lake will not be featured which is a shame but I am respecting his decision hence all the hard work to redo some of the tracks. So what can you expect? Vocals. Epic vocals.  That's if I can keep this groggy throat at bay!

I have also begun planning my set for The Queen's Theatre and I'm hoping to really bring you something a bit special. I've been resurrecting some old tunes, learning some new ones and reworking Geography. No doubt the set list will change numerous times before September 10th but I guarantee you it'll be a night to remember and hey if I'm looking forward to it you guys should too :) smiles all around!

So for once guys I'm going to keep this short. Wish me luck in the studio and I shall be in touch.

Love you lots,

Rose x