Hello again!


What a fantastic half term it's been and what beautiful weather we've had and you know what beautiful weather means... road trip!

Yes last Wednesday we headed over Exeter way to get lost in the single lane labyrinth of the grassy back of the back roads; as Mike put it, "you don't find Brook, it finds you." Although to his credit we managed to reduce our 'lost' time from 1 hr to 30 mins. Impressive ;)

Once found however we still had the danger of navigating our rather large vehicle over the very weathered wooden bridge... Ben was perhaps a little wiser, got out and walked it; I still don't think this photo really does the danger justice.

So over the bridge, past the polos (the car not the mint), up the hill, round the hives and round the bend then finally we had arrived. We were welcomed in through that wonderful sawdust-scent to the second floor where we were offered tea and some priceless advice. 

We've been considering the issue of live sound for my mandolin for some time and have, up until now, been miking it up with a condensor mic - which the sound technicians will tell you is a risky business at the best of times regardless of whether or not you have a rookie on the desk. Ben has done us proud but we felt it was time to make his life easier and actually get a pickup fitted so, fingers crossed, by the next time you see us play I'll be able to plug in and actually move around on stage! Imagine!

On other news we've started booking up our final dates in the studio. We're hoping it'll take just four more sessions to finish Geography - as I said before, we would've finished sooner but we felt you deserved more tunes so do bear with us! If everything goes according to plan it's going to be one whirlwind of an album!

I think we're both really excited and perhaps a little terrified that it's already June as July is just round the corner and is pretty much choc-a-block with tour dates, and recording. I've got a good feeling though and I'm very much looking forward to being able to stand during a set - I've really missed having a mandolin with a strap!

So that's all for now folks, keep checking back for updates and thank you, as ever, for your continued support...669 likes on facebook >< madness! :D

Rose x

Greetings :)


You'll have to forgive me for opening on such a deep note but the more I think of the title of our new album the more I think it's very appropriate for where Roholio is right now. For some time it felt like it was just me throwing songs at a wall a dreaming there was someone on the other side listening through and now all of a sudden there's a big audience on the other side and we're breaking through... oh man I can't even write a blog post without lapsing into a rhyming scheme...

The point is Roholio has come a very long way in just the space of a year and this album - which at first I admit was just going to be another collection of emotions I couldn't keep bottled up any longer - is really going to mean something. It's going to mark a year as a duo and the promise of  what's to come and so with that in mind Mike and I have decided 'Geography', and you, deserve more than eight tracks... therefore we will now be working towards recording a whopping fifteen (we're about 6 in...). The time is right, you've all given us so much and we'd  like to give you an album that truly delivers on every level :-)

Phew now I'll take a step back and inject some silly into this post by telling you what we did last week. We should've been practicing - well we sort of were - but Instow got the better of us. So what did we do? Went paddling, had a barbecue and practiced on the beach of course! No doubt some of you have seen our beach pictures (see above) and videos on youtube and I hope that you are as impressed as I that I could hold a song and strike a pose whilst under the influence of Strongbow! I even dragged half a punt from one end of the beach to the other in an attempt to fashion a rustic couch by the fire! My arms have been hanging off all week, frankly I'm amazed I could even lift the Mandolin after that!

We've been talking lots about where we'd like Roholio to go and as always I aim for the moon and leave Mike to figure out how we'll get there (probably in his van) but the addition of agents and our lovely spouses has made it all the easier to dream big. There is a humongous amount in the pipeline for us and July is looking pretty chock-a-block with tour dates so do keep checking the 'upcoming dates' section, and of course the blog whenever you need a pick-me-up :-) I'm told I can be funny...

Love to you all for showing us so much support, as I always say, non of this is possible without you guys out there so take care and we shall see you soon!

Rose x



Well what a busy fun-packed week! I had a day off from protecting the planet against evil geniuses on Tuesday which enabled me to spend a couple of hours at The Ariel Studio recording some double bass. Rose was unable to come along so I took my friend, mentor and all round good-egg, Ced with me (shhh… we were using Rohoilo studio time to secretly work on a new duo – The Velcro-Brothers). Thanks again to Leigh for his producing wizardry matched only by his unbounded patience!

Rose had a surprise call asking if we’d be available for two nights to play as support for a touring poet. We were free and agreed. Now I must say that poetry has never been one of my passions in life, but I was absolutely blown away by Murray Lachlan Young, the hilarious poet, writer and broadcaster. 

His poems and songs were funny, intelligent and captivating. If you haven’t read any of his work or seen him perform, I strongly recommend you seek him out, you won’t be disappointed. Thank-you for the book Murray!

We supported him on Thursday evening at Fremington Quay Café and at Hatherleigh Community Centre on Friday evening. Both nights were great fun with fantastic audiences; we met lots of new people and also met up with our agents/friends Ken and Sue.

To top off a damn fine week we had the pleasure of playing at Chubbstock at The Wrey Arms – Barnstaple. Organised by our good friend and radio presenter Roy Grimes, Chubbstock is a festival with local musicians to raise awareness for SUDEP (sudden unexpected death in epilepsy), a charity personal to Roy. He managed to raise over £500 which is fantastic and will go together with his Chubbs Cycle Challenge - Land's End to John O'Groats! http://blog.chubbscyclechallenge.co.uk A wonderful evening for a great cause.

So after a busy spell we now have a couple of weeks gig-free! This will suit us perfectly as we can now put the time into finishing off Geography. It's nearly there and we are looking forward to confirming the album launch. That's about it with the blog for this week, back to slaying dragons tomorrow!

St. Michael