What a whirlwind of a week! First off I turned 25 on Tuesday and then had to face a sea of children telling me how old I was at work... (I'm not listening :P) had a lot of quality time with good friends which included ice skating in Barnstaple and horse riding on Dartmoor so I am aaaaccching! 

On Wednesday we were invited to the Queen's Theatre, initially to watch Kristina Olsen, and ended up supporting her! What an amazing woman, some hilarious stories - reminded me a lot of Tori Amos - and very down-to-earth. She let me play her custom New York Guitar, what a thing of beauty. Can't wait for my Brook baby to get started now!

The audience from Wednesday, and indeed the numerous people we've now met as a result, have most definitely spun my head a little. Huge support shown and I was paid the best compliment, 'you're a good writer.' Thank you Sue :) That meant the world to me. We've been talking to agents about possibly playing at the Queen's Theatre and it looks like that might actually happen and it's these lovely people who have sort of opened our eyes to the possibilities out there!

There we were half way through 'When we're apart' and I was just about to sing my Spanish verse - which apparently made everyone perk up and go 'oh'! - and all I could think of was touring the new album and all the things it could lead to. I thought, "quick, quick what am I singing!' Luckily the lyrics came back just in the nick of time and my vacant expression disappeared in a flash! No really though it was a bit of a special night and both me and Mike left the theatre feeling a bit dazed so you'll have to excuse me if this blog stumbles around a bit.


So things are in the pipeline! And Recording has begun! Very happy with how it's all sounding and it was highly therapeutic singing 'The Line' to a bunch of sheep just beyond the window at the Ariel. We've got five skeleton tracks down already and are hoping to head back in April, in the meantime we'll be polishing and refining another five ready for another two 2hour sessions in two months :D 


We're in talks, as always, to be gigging further afield and in addition to this we've been invited to play on BBC Radio Devon!!! By John Govier!!! I think Mike's actual reaction was (and I reach for my phone for the message I was sent...)

"Holy ****!!!! John Govier has asked us to play on radio Devon!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D" [there were a lot more smiley faces and some throwing up from excitement too]

My response? "I need to pee"

Like I said it's been a craaazy week and we're still spinning from it! Do keep checking back to the blog and upcoming dates page because it is always changing and things often happen last minute!


We'll be in touch! Wish us luck!


Rose x


This week has been gathering momentum like that juggernaut man in xmen four so much so I was going to update you yesterday but there was even more news to come today! So where to start, how about band practise shenanigans which I've been dying to share with you guys since Monday. For anyone who ever wondered what an acoustic duo get up to whilst rehearsing for a gig....


This is what we get up to. In our defence though Dory had been a little under the weather after running full speed into a prickly bush and requiring stitches...

Anyway once rehearsal actually began we were half way through 'The Line' when we got a surprise phone call from The White Lion in Braunton asking us to play! If that wasn't enough we were then asked to play in Appledore so as I always say, keep checking the upcoming dates page because the gigs really are coming in at an alarmingly short notice-y rate! Oh we've also established two Soundcloud accounts, one with purely album tracks on it and one with some drafts, demos and live tracks giving you more options to get your kicks! So that was Monday's very effective band practise ;)

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Hello again! 

Another busy week in the holio-verse (like the universe only a bit weirder)... We revealed a fresh new set at The Volunteer Tavern, Bristol Thursday night to a very welcoming crowd and had a great time tasting their unique Loki Ale and gazing upon, possibly, the world's biggest potato! Lovely quirky pub but seemingly in the middle of no where? We got lost  several times upon leaving, even managing to get ourselves stopped by the cops:


"Mike try and drive a bit slower so I can read the signs otherwise..."

[blue lights flash from behind]

"Like I was saying you'll get pulled"

[Policeman approaches, I wind down the window, he abruptly opens the door]

"Oh sorry I didn't see you wind down the window... are you lost?"



He then went on to give us detailed instructions on how to get back on the M4.... which we didn't follow one bit and ended up even more lost driving in circles round Cabot Circus. Nevermind no fines and we got home safe and sound so in our minds it was a good night.

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