I am a composer and have written not only my own music, in the form of several album, but also for others.


I really enjoy the process of creating something to fit a brief and doing my best to interpret what my client is looking for. I have worked a lot with Carly Jane to create bespoke meditations for her group work (see below) and I have written instrumental pieces for weddings and short films.



I have also worked as a session musician on several local artists’ albums ranging from rock to, more recently, lounge music.


I can harmonise by ear and can play Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele, 5 String Banjo as well as turn my hand to Djembe, Appalachian Dulcimer, Electric Bass and Keyboard.


My rates start from £40 an hour so if you would like to book me as a session musician or as a composer please get in touch.



I have written a couple courses on Udemy for Mandolin.


Beginner's Mandolin - Including strumming & reading music rating


Click Here to view my Beginners Mandolin course.


And for developing tremolo, that classic “shake”.


Click Here for my new Beginner's Ukulele Course.


I have several other courses in development and will post them here when they are completed later this year.



I love working with groups to get them moving to music and playing along with tuned and untuned percussion.

I have spent many years teaching groupwork in school settings, both primary and secondary, as well as retirement homes.

To me, there’s nothing better than finding abandoned drums and percussion and getting everyone playing the instruments together!

My rate starts from £40 an hour so if you would like to book me for a workshop please get in touch.