I feel like I'm stuck on repeat a bit here but yet again I find myself fighting to keep my voice and shuffling off a nasty virus. I'm not sure how long I can keep blaming it on stress... Some of it has to be work environment! Thankfully though the notes do seem to be returning, slowly but surely breaking through the cloud like some determined sunbeam!

Scotland was a mixed bag, not unlike trail mix... I'd go from playing to an oblivious and indifferent audience to performing for a rowdy and very much involved crowd so my mood tended to reflect the roller coaster ride and poor Ben had to put up with a lot of self-doubt. Imagine my disappointment at the flagship gig being cancelled with less than 24 notice... So after that exhausting and costly headache I'm back in Devon recuperating, working hard and reflecting on just how damn nice the Edinburgh folk are - they gave me free cake!

I'm hoping my voice returns in time for the palladium gig as it'd be nice to sing some of my favourites again and not have to keep playing it safe! I've got lots of wild ideas for the next year, a different musical avenue has sprouted in my mind so I might try something adventurous, largely for my own amusement, when I've got some free time but don't worry as ever there's the dream of a new album and it IS coming. It might be less packaged than the last endeavour but it's bound to cheer us both up and hopefully it'll reawaken that magic that's been missing lately.

 I'm keeping the faith


Rose x