So Easter was a blast! I flew to Egypt for some down time and had my mind blown by the history and tranquility of the place. We stayed in Hurghada and spent most of our time snorkelling with parrot and puffer fish along with a whole variety of silvers and shapes dashing through the blue. I was most proud of myself for finally having the courage to swim in deep water near boats and piers (I don't like dark water... or any water where I can't put my feet down) but I'm so glad I went for it. Special moments included finding a couple of clown fish and spotting a huge lion fish in a bay, yes don't worried we stayed clear of that stripey wonder. Aside from snorkelling we visited Luxor for one epic road trip of a 31 degree heat. Now I'd already heard Luxor was home to Karnac and the Valley of the kings but nothing prepares you for when you actually see it. I felt like I was Rachel Weiz in the Mummy and just couldn't believe where I was. 

I learnt so much about Egyptian history and culture, I was jotting down details in my sketch book as we went - and melted - in the temples. I'm sure something musical or at least poetic will come out of it because it was such a spiritual experience; taking a barge down the River Nile and spotting a crane feeding and water Buffalo having a drink with the city of the dead rising above them like some mythical home of the Gods. Incredible sights. We stopped at the Colossi of Memnon before exploring the tombs; a huge pair of figures once guarding a temple, now sat with birds all over the laps, that was a peaceful sight. 

We meandered our way through the city of the dead, past Howard Carter's, and up into the colossal Valley of the Kings. Now I'm normally the first to avoid tombs - normally due to an overwhelming sense that they are there to rest and I shouldn't be poking around their remains - but the heat was so overbearing I was happy to get into the lovely cool tombs as quickly as possible. Then it hit me. The blaze of sunshine stuttered my eyes and when I opened them again it was like being in a palace. Walls made famous by national geographic were suddenly right in front of me and I couldn't believe it was real. I got out the sketchbook again and made some drawings (no photos allowed here without extra payment which I kind of liked, it felt like you were giving it more respect).

An absolute whistle stop tour of a day but one that has stood out for me. I shall definitely be going back!

Right onto musical endeavours then! Who knows what might come out of that little trip to Egypt? Anyway I'm sorry I'll stop waffling about my holiday.. I have some exciting dates for the diary coming up, I'm just keeping them close at the moment until they are fully confirmed and there are pictures to share. So in about a week I think I'll be announcing those. I've been working on putting bass lines on the new album so that gives you an idea or where we are. My method of recording is:

1. Get the bones down (guitar & vocals and percussion if available)

2. Overdubs (instrumental solos)

3.vocal overdubs (harmonies)

4. bass lines

5. mixing

6. mastering

7.duplication and celebration!


So as you can see we're nearly there! I've also been working hard on a Johnny Cash tribute act with my talented percussionist friend, Ian Holleran so I shall keep you updated with those dates too.

I've probably said enough now so I shall leave you in peace. Thank you for your unending support and for taking the time to read my rambles. 

Love you all,