Where to start! 

As you might've guessed I've been super busy over the summer and now into autumn and I finally have a spare moment to share with you what's been going on - although I'm sure you know already!

Let's start with Johnny Cash - always a nice way to start a sentence - so I've been working with Ian Holleran on a Johnny Cash & June Carter tribute act after a lightening bolt moment last Christmas of, "we both like Johnny Cash...we've both always wanted to do a tribute to him...hang on a minute!" So since the beginning of the year we've been rehearsing and now have several awesome gigs under our belt. We had a fantastic time at The Plough Arts Centre and were chuffed to bits to sell out the gallery. It was a great night with a lovely vibe and we particularly enjoyed singing 'Daddy Sang Bass' with audience participation! We're happy to announce we will return to the Plough next year on the 12th of April- this time in the main auditorium WOOP! - and tickets are available now from https://www.theploughartscentre.org.uk/event/evening-johnny-cash-june-carter-roseanna-ball-ian-holleran-0 

We've got a few dates between now and then where we'll be testing new material and just generally having a darn good time so keep checking our facebook page for the most up to date info :)

So aside from that what have I been up to? Finishing my brand new album of course! And I honestly could not have done it without Leigh at The Ariel Studios, Ilfracombe. It was a bit of a push to get it ready by the launch (as I neglected to mention I was off on tour about 3 weeks before the deadline) but in the end it all worked out perfectly and I have an album I am truly proud of. There are so many lovely things to say about it - vain ain't I? - so I'll try and paraphrase but I have some lovely men featured on the album including my good friend Mike Lake singing a song my father wrote (and I finished) called 'Who I am'. For years I have wanted to record that song and get it out there so that the whole world can hear something of my Dad and I feel completely humbled by the experience of hearing Mike sing it (and then Ian at the launch). It seems to be growing in popularity which I just know Dad would love so thank you for all the lovely comments about it, may Mr Danny Ball never be forgotten ;) As you may of guessed the percussive talents of Ian Holleran are also on this album, listen closely to the galloping rhythm of 'Here' in wonder - as I did! Ian is one of the most modest musicians I know and truly incredible so it was an honour to have him on 'Dust Off.' Last but not least I should mention the clapping talents of my fiancé Ben on 'Button' - we finally got you on an album Ben! Haha 


Finally I should mention my autumnal tour in the North of the UK which took me to Liverpool, Edinburgh and Northumberland the latter of which I'd never seen before. It was a beautiful tour that admittedly did kick off which a mandatory trip to Alton Towers... [The Wickerman is awesome, Nemesis my old friend you are still brilliant]... I had some lovely audiences, some hilarious introductions - shout out to Leith Folk Club - and really did experience some wonderful hospitality: I have so much love for Cheviot Folk Club. The tour taught me a lot about myself and where I am in my life which I have to admit I didn't expect. I've come away from it buzzing and more confident than ever in what I do. A lecturer in college once said when they looked at me they could see that music was my life, music was everything, and I think that's something I have at times pushed aside but it's sprung back and it guiding my into the future and I have to say, life is so much easier when you focus on what you enjoy!

I finished the tour officially with the launch of Dust Off, which I realise is like doing a tour backwards but go with it... Thank you to everyone who came to St. Anne's Chapel as it really felt like we shared a truly special moment. I can honestly say it was the greatest launch I have ever had for an album and the love in the room was immense. I met a man at the end of the night who said the evening had been hugely positive and I'd managed to keep that going throughout the set. What a compliment! I was aiming for that so that's great to hear. I wanted us all to walk away from that chapel and feel uplifted and you all helped make that possible. 

So there you have it, sorry I waffled on for so long but it's been a while. Hopefully I won't leave it so long next time! Thank you all again, I am always amazed when I step out on a stage and see so many familiar faces. Your continued support is incredible and I will keep making music for you! 

Rose xxxx