As of August 24th I am officially married to my lovely Ben - source of 'with you,' 'shoulder to shoulder' and pretty much every happy song post 2012 *awww*

It is quite surreal as in many ways nothing has changed, and yet everything has. The ceremony was beautiful and it truly made us both realise we are rich in friends. So many people pitched in by baking cakes, picking people up and dropping amazing things off, I am so grateful to them because it really made us all feel like one big family getting stuck in together - especially on the dance floor later!

So where has this left the music? Alive and kicking (does anyone remember live & kicking?) and ready to record! I spent a large amount of my honeymoon listening to the new album - in demo form - trying to figure out tracks that worked well with each other and I think I've got it boiled down now to 10. I think I had about 16-18 before but I'd rather they told a story than I just bombard you with a bunch of songs that don't sit together. I am hoping to channel, the goddess that is, Alanis Morissette with my next album, so it should sit nicely with my album 'Ghosts.' Anyway I haven't started recording it properly yet, it's going to take the bulk of winter to get people together, get rehearsing and then finally (likely sometime in march next year) get recording it but I wanted to let you know I'm on it.

In other news my tutoring has taken off this year and I've met so many lovely people as a result. It's been really interesting to see the sorts of things people want to learn, I'll find that 2-3 people will want the same song one week but it'll be on Ukulele for one, mandolin for the other and guitar on the next. It has certainly kept me sharp and on my toes! Although the wedding, and subsequent honeymoon, has kept me away from my computer I have been trying to build up my youtube account with regarding to tutoring also and it has been an incredible motivator in those dark times to see the lovely comments posted, thanking me and encouraging me to upload more. I have so many thanks to give to those people who have watched any of my tutorials and found them useful enough that they felt compelled to tell me. xxx

With regards to gigging I am very happy to be supporting Katy Hurt at The Beehive in Honiton on November 9th. I hear we are both country girls so it should be a great night with a warm atmosphere - perfect for November! 

And that's about it for now folks but I'll keep you up to date as always. My instagram is my main point of call these days for everyday goings on so pop on over and give me a follow if you're curious what I get up to!

As always thank you a thousand times over for your continued support of my music and musical endeavours.

Iliterally couldn't do it without you x

Rose x