Breathe in...breathe out. Forward fold, halfway lift, breathe in, feel the stretch in the back body and breathe out. I think Yoga with Adriene is keeping a lot us sane in this difficult time, I learnt so much from her 30 day yoga challenge in January but now I feel she's even more vital to keeping my mental focus, and fitness, in check. So! I hope you join me in taking a slow, deep breath......and letting it all go :-)

Okay folks so we're not going to dwell on Covid-19, we're not going to worry about it, we're going to improvise, adapt and overcome - as my good friend says. Last week was particularly challenging and yes, at times, quite frightening. I was facing the unknown and losing work so fast it felt like someone was pulling the rug out from beneath me but then the sun came out, my camera AND the internet got fixed and suddenly there were options.

I took to instagram - realised I'd been using it wrong haha - and I learnt from my peers. There are so many musicians and tutors adapting to the situation and learning how to teach and survive through skype, I could not be more grateful to the developers of that life saving app! So here we are after a very sunny weekend of soaking up rays and inspiration and I have now taught two lessons online and am feeling hopeful that my business will survive. I feel creative and full of ideas on how to move forward and will absolutely be posting more videos to my long neglected Roseanna Ball youtube channel. I shared a video on there on Saturday of me covering Jim Reeves' Welcome to my world which seems to be raising the morale of my local community and I am so incredibly grateful for the donation I recieved through my link on the video in appreciation. I don't make any money through youtube and it takes a lot of time to produce videos so this made my day!  I update my Rhythm Ro Music Tutor channel regularly so I think I'll be adding the link as standard to all future videos. Improvise, adapt, overcome. Thank you Phil, thank you Jo.

I have learned a lot, I think we all have, and for an introvert (no really) I've truly learnt the value of conversation and company. I used to be terrified of picking up the phone - Ben says it's an actual phobia - but now I'm excited if I get a video call from a friend. This crisis has forced us all into new territory and although change is often uncomfortable it is often necessary and ultimately we endure and learn from it.

We can get through this, I love you all x

Stay healthy and I shall see you all again soon!


Rose x