*Well we are living in a video world and I am a video girl* 

Okay so the syllables aren't quite right but as I sat down to write this entry that was the first thing that sprang to mind. We truly are living online at the moment and my only means of reaching my audience, friends and family is through video. Video may have killed the radio star but it saved the musician!

I truly am thanking my lucky stars for the fact that I can still perform - facebook Live, may even dabble with youtube live soon - I can still teach - Skype, facebook messenger, zoom - and I can still share my music with you all - thank you youtube. It's been a tumultuous time, a real rollercoaster of emotions. One minute I'm feeling like I'm getting somewhere, advancing in technology and its understanding (buying a USB hub was a highlight) and the next I feel left behind (trying to program drums on logic pro). However in this time of extreme trial-by-fire learning there have been some giant leaps forward. My whole office space has been transformed and I know my entire practice will never be the same again.

My youtube channels will also never been the same, every week I get more and more subscribers to my Rhythm Ro Music Tutor hub - this continues to amaze me - and even my long neglected Roseanna Ball channel has been given a new lease of life. It's become part of my weekly routine to try and get a new video up on both and I'm really enjoying making my 'wildlife music videos' (check out the playlist on the Roseanna Ball channel). Indeed it will be weird to stop... will I stop? Right at the beginning of this when I was only four videos in Ben asked how long I was going to do them for. I have no idea is the answer, as long as they're needed? And not just by me, I've really enjoyed reading comments like, 'this brightened my day.' That's what it's all about.

I feel like we're nearing the end of lockdown in my small little community and that brings with it lots of questions, chiefly what is normal now? I look forward to finding out!

Take care everybody and I hope to see you all again soon x