It has been a long week of it, and not just for me but for a lot of people. Lots of us small business owners are taking a deep breath before we plunge back into seeing people face to face next week; I think we've all had our reservations. It's meant I've been printing a lot - no more sharing sheets and screens - and I've been measuring and anti-bac wiping a lot too. I even tried my hand at a DIY mask (which nearly suffocated me...oh well!). But all of this I can take, this self employed life is a life I chose and am proud of and it's taken a lot of work. YouTube's cute little congratulatory email kind of verified that for me this week when I hit 500 subscribers on my tutoring channel - an aim Ben has had in mind for me for a while but it still felt a bit like Christmas when the email came in. It's strange to put a number on it, 500 youtubers appreciate what I do and that's a nice feeling and enough motivation for those days, that have been coming a lot this week, where I'm struggling to stay focused.


Well the complaint that arose 3 weeks ago, that I thought was fatigue, has progressed and tried to claim my right leg for its own. On Friday, after one online lesson, I was in too much pain to continue sitting to lesson plan. A conversation with Ben later I realised I'd talked myself into calling the Dr - oh the guilt that came with that - but they were kind and understanding and got me straight in that afternoon to check I wasn't going fully numb. 


Fast forward a day or two and I guess I've had to learn some hard truths. I can't continue to use my desk the way I have and I can't be sat at it for hours and hours planning. Sounds so obvious I know but for some reason -maybe the workaholic in me - I just didn't understand why I was in so much pain until I was teaching and my leg went numb. Woops. So I've done my research and ordered a lumbar support, monitor raisers and a foot rest to try and get myself at the correct position for desk work and I have discovered the joys of an exercise ball. It was just sat gathering dust and now it is propelling me forward into recovery. I love it. I am going to attempt to make it a regular part of my working week in-between lessons and tasks.


What a week it has been! A week of highs and lows and ultimately discovery.


I hope you guys are taking care of yourselves in this desk life, video-call time. Support yourself and be kind to your body x


Love you all


Rose x