Happy New Year Everyone!

I thought it might be nice to answer some new year questions to reflect on 2020 so here we go! What went well this year? Making the transition to online teaching. This was new territory for me but I fully branched out and tried all sort of new things like teaching on Skype and zoom, writing a course on Udemy and building a following on my YouTube channels. What did not go well? Gigging… understandably… What do I want to do differently?


Now this is a big, ongoing challenge for me but I want to work on my knee-jerk reaction to problems. I’m not the best person in a crisis, I’m not even particularly good at calling for help so working on how I react to difficulties is something I’d like to work on. When did I feel my most exhausted and drained? Probably that run up to Christmas… I just felt I had no time to make videos, tab and teach and my online world was taking over my life, leaving no time for anything else… time management is also one of my goals! What have I learned? Tonnes!


Mostly a lot about my back and what it needs in order to heal (I am still suffering from Sciatica but no where near as much as I was, Vlog 2 coming up on my Roseanna Ball YouTube channel in the next few weeks) and in general I’ve learnt that self care is so much more than just moisturising your legs once a month… So there you go, just a short but sweet reflection on where I am and where I’m going! Health and Happiness for 2021 and love to you and yours x Rose