Hello again!


What a fantastic half term it's been and what beautiful weather we've had and you know what beautiful weather means... road trip!

Yes last Wednesday we headed over Exeter way to get lost in the single lane labyrinth of the grassy back of the back roads; as Mike put it, "you don't find Brook, it finds you." Although to his credit we managed to reduce our 'lost' time from 1 hr to 30 mins. Impressive ;)

Once found however we still had the danger of navigating our rather large vehicle over the very weathered wooden bridge... Ben was perhaps a little wiser, got out and walked it; I still don't think this photo really does the danger justice.

So over the bridge, past the polos (the car not the mint), up the hill, round the hives and round the bend then finally we had arrived. We were welcomed in through that wonderful sawdust-scent to the second floor where we were offered tea and some priceless advice. 

We've been considering the issue of live sound for my mandolin for some time and have, up until now, been miking it up with a condensor mic - which the sound technicians will tell you is a risky business at the best of times regardless of whether or not you have a rookie on the desk. Ben has done us proud but we felt it was time to make his life easier and actually get a pickup fitted so, fingers crossed, by the next time you see us play I'll be able to plug in and actually move around on stage! Imagine!

On other news we've started booking up our final dates in the studio. We're hoping it'll take just four more sessions to finish Geography - as I said before, we would've finished sooner but we felt you deserved more tunes so do bear with us! If everything goes according to plan it's going to be one whirlwind of an album!

I think we're both really excited and perhaps a little terrified that it's already June as July is just round the corner and is pretty much choc-a-block with tour dates, and recording. I've got a good feeling though and I'm very much looking forward to being able to stand during a set - I've really missed having a mandolin with a strap!

So that's all for now folks, keep checking back for updates and thank you, as ever, for your continued support...669 likes on facebook >< madness! :D

Rose x