Hello again!

After a long and some what laborious week I can honestly say I am at last feeling positive! I've got a couple promo gigs lined up for August - which is a strange as I had initially planned a break till September - which I'm really looking forward to and I am really working hard and aiming to finish recording Geography next Sunday. I can now confirm that Mike Lake will not be featured which is a shame but I am respecting his decision hence all the hard work to redo some of the tracks. So what can you expect? Vocals. Epic vocals.  That's if I can keep this groggy throat at bay!

I have also begun planning my set for The Queen's Theatre and I'm hoping to really bring you something a bit special. I've been resurrecting some old tunes, learning some new ones and reworking Geography. No doubt the set list will change numerous times before September 10th but I guarantee you it'll be a night to remember and hey if I'm looking forward to it you guys should too :) smiles all around!

So for once guys I'm going to keep this short. Wish me luck in the studio and I shall be in touch.

Love you lots,

Rose x