Hello again :-)


Apologies for being a day late I was swimming in the sea til about 8pm last night so admin kind of went out the window... had a great time playing for the lovely Pam Page at her retirement party despite being bitten by the most evil of all horse flies. There I was in the middle of a melodic vocal run and I felt the bite of a cretin, looked down at my knee and saw him there just drinking away at my blood as if it was okay. I decided to be professional and finish the song first before swiping him off - he stayed the entire time feasting on my knee - and by the end of it I walked away with a big lump on my knee which is still hot and swollen today! Good job they had pavlova haha it was a lovely party though and I did in all honesty have a great time and was honoured to play.


So moving on from my sore knee it is dun dun DUHN three weeks until I fly to Japan for a holiday. I realise this is probably the first time I've mentioned it on here so I'll quickly explain the plan. Basically land in Tokyo, bullet train it to Osaka & Kyoto and basically visit shrines, museums, Geishas, Bamboo Forests and Rollercoasters, land in Bristol knackered a mere three weeks from the album launch. Gulp. Yes I am bricking it, lots of deadlines coming up and the date of geography is very much out of my hands at the moment but hey a little blind faith can go a long way!


I'm very excited about playing Hollocombe Music Club this Friday in Winkleigh Community Centre. So excited in fact I've been printing new price lists, mailing lists, set lists (every kind of list....) and even ran the set this morning. For some reason it inspired me to write a new song about dragonflies but I don't question it, just go with the magic :) I'm supporting the Boys from Melbourne Street, who have also provided the best soundtrack while I've been printing all my lists off, so it's all looking dandy at this rare and precise moment in time!


And so I think I'll leave on an excited, chaotic, happy note of hysteria! 

Talk soon,


Rose x