As you can probably tell I'm getting pretty excited about Japan now, only one more sleep! I will literally be up at 2am tomorrow morning and travelling by half past! How mad is that, I already feel exhausted :-O!

Anyway before I descend into proper giggly holiday girl mode I should probably give you a little update into the world of Roholio :-) So last you heard from me I think I was just getting the artwork ready for the duplicators. The album was sent off last week but yes, in true murphy's law fashion, it has returned with some faults... a pretty major fault really in that they put the wrong track listing on the back >.< Whoops! Oh well, they have been gracious enough to ensure me they will send replacement wallets so that's good. Hopefully I can reassemble Geography when I return.

Track wise I cut it from twelve to ten (told you there'd be some cuts). Let's face it, it was pretty inevitable. As much as I love The Anchor and Hope Hill they just didn't add to the album in the way the others did but I've been good and shared them on reverb nation and sound cloud so that you can have a sneaky peak at what I've been up to. Feel free to give me some feedback on them, hopefully something more constructive than, 'you suck'

Played an interesting gig last night which allowed me to test some new material and deliverym readying myself for the Queens. I have to say I am really looking forward to that one. The songs are thriving with Kiera and I'm hoping to have a bit of support from an old friend too so that I can bring you some favs that require two people to perform.

So there you have it, onwards and upwards (literally, like up into the sky). Big thanks as always for sticking with me and showing your support amd I'll see you all soon.


Ja ne!


Rose x