I really am.

Well I think that was probably what the doctor ordered, although maybe my back and hips would disagree - I've ever walked far too much or have premature arthritis coming on!

Japan is a strange, strange place that I have learnt a lot from. I didn't really write while I was out there - too exhausted! - but I saw some things and faced some fears and it has definitely changed me for the better. For one thing I appreciate England a whole lot more now!

Anyway I won't bore you with all the stories, maybe just one or two every now and then, 'cause there's nothing worse than someone who comes back from their holiday and just goes on and on about it :) I shall instead share this picture of the final copies of Geography with you! After a bit of a cock up from the duplicators which meant I had to manually put each one in a different cover (thank you jet lag for having me up at 3am to do that the next day back) they are finally ready for your ears. So here we are a little over a week from the launch and I'm a little concerned that no one really knows it's happening but hey I have done my best and at the very least I do have Geography now. Rehearsals start up again this week with my compadres so that should reassure me that musically at least, we are on track. But if you could all spread the word, that'd be great!

No doubt you'll get another nervous blog update from me next Sunday, 'til then my friends!

Rose x