Hello again!


It's taken a full week of bizarre sleeping patterns and a drop of wine to get me back on English time - thank you for being patient with me! The album is ready to go, the launch is imminent, Roholio has been splattered across the local papers and radio waves (had a wicked time Saturday morning with Colin Slatter on the voice FM) and rehearsals are going well! 

Well the Queen's haven't rang us to tell us it's cancelled so I'm assuming you've all been super in getting your tickets in advance! A massive THANK YOU to all who did! I must admit I was bricking it quite a bit this time last week but I'm feeling reassured that there will at least be enough people in the audience for the magic to go ahead and I do really really REALLY want you all to hear Kiera and the music we've been making :-) 


So it's really a short entry from me, just know that I am exciting and practising every day to deliver a set worthy of you all! There will be brand spanking new tunes, there will be old favorites, there will be tunes of the new album and a stupid amount of instrument changes - it wouldn't be a Roholio launch if I wasn't challenging myself continually throughout the set :) 


So it's looking good and I'm full of excitement and butterflies. See you all soon! Oh jeez what am I going to wear?

Rose x