Well not really a new name, it being my name and all, but it's a huge change and has meant a lot of fresh starts. So why? I hear you cry! Well, it was time to draw a line under Roholio and what better way to end her era than with Geography really. Although it is a goodbye to a name I've nurtured for eight years it is a fond farewell and has so far felt quite liberating. Maybe now I'll share some of those songs I thought too risky to be sung 

under the umbrella of Roholio! And there are a fare few I can tell you. I suppose mostly it is leaving behind the assumptions that I am a band.... or Mexican/Spanish (sadly I am not). So really I guess I'm using my name now because I'm finally stepping out from the crowd and admitting I felt all these things that made these songs and I'm quite proud of them and what we've done and I don't need to hide behind other people anymore. I sort of proved that at the launch when I sang, what I consider, some dangerous songs (you go to my head & Speed spring to mind) but I am twenty five now and as my friends reminded me, it's not like I'm twerking on stage....

So there's an update for you! There are a few more to notify you of, some are absolute gems but I'll keep them to myself for now otherwise we'll have nothing to talk about in the slow winter months! Firstly I had a smashing time supporting Boo Hewerdine in Bristol and he was kind enough to give me a pretty nifty quote, "Rose is an exciting new talent. A fabulous singer, instrumentalist and writer. I saw her transfix an audience recently. Fantastic!!” What a lovely man :-) He had a very nice purple shirt on - as I was quick to point out and then quickly realised I sounded like I was sucking up - and delivered a hell of a set. Boo has a wonderful dry sense of humour and we spent any spare moments around the merch table or backstage larking around, pretty much at my expense (I do put my foot in it sometimes). I hope to catch Boo again and I am incredibly grateful he let me support him at the Folk House - what a great venue snuggled in between hobgoblin and a cafe? Amazing!

Last update for this post seeing as it's getting a bit long! I will be finishing my Roholio days at Tapeley Park, Instow on October 29th with a Halloween-themed set alongside Judith Christie & Ruth Harry. I just couldn't resist :-P After this gig any shows I do  will go under my actual name so keep your eye out, I'm not done yet!

So a big thank you to the old and new fans, your continued support has made Geography possible. Here's to the next eight years as Roseanna!


Rose x