Okay so I promised you some gems in my last nugget of news so here we go. I'm actually, for once, just going to get straight to it! I have been given the incredible opportunity of supporting some amazing artists in the coming year - as if supporting Boo wasn't enough fun! I am pleased to confirm that I will be opening for Phil Beer in January at the Queen's Theatre and Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman at The Folk House in March. I know right... what?!!?! Honestly when I was told I nearly made a puddle. I'll probably write a song about that or include it as a lengthly metaphor for something... Seriously thought 2015 is looking pretty perky so far and I'm almost too excited!

But I shouldn't jump ahead just yet, I've still got Tapeley at the end of this month to look forward to. Practise began last night with the lovely Nevular; I've been calling Nev Nevular for as long as I've known him but I'm not sure whether I've done it to his face. You see I always throught of him as this cloud of otherworldy serenity and talent - get that for a description, I'm on fire today! - so anyway that guy from the Queen's, yes he'll be joining me :P We are working on some special covers to mark Halloween and, as ever, I'll be throwing in some brand new old tunes for your judgement - don't miss it!

So the name change is going well and the songs keep coming.  Thank you for the new-page likers on facebook and the tweeters for hanging in there amidst the confusion! I'll bring you another update soon :-)

Rose x