Whoops nearly left that one two weeks, my apologies! The stress of the "day job" anchored me to the ground last week and that deflated feeling continued across the weekend BUT I do, of course, have good news!

You might have noticed there's a new quote on the front page... Jeremy Vine has listened to Geography! My initial reaction to this news was huh? What?! whaaa.... (and the baby like babbling continued for a considerable amount of time). I'm still in that place to be fair, swirling around in disbelief. Not really sure what will come of that but hey I have at least got a smashing quote now for the album so I'm pleased as punch :-)

On other mesmerising news I'm also confirmed now to be playing at Warwick & Broadstairs folk festival. Jaws upon the floor? Mine too. Ben's immediate response was to find pictures of expected turnouts, show them to me and calming say, "don't mess up." Thanks Ben ;)

So back to normality and I feel I should mention I saw Jackie Oates at the Queen's Theatre last week and her music completely calmed me down from the hysteria of the day job. It was like stepping into the land of ter-nah-nog and taking the deepest breath. I must admit I'm one of these people that never researches artists before meeting/listening to them. I'm not sure why, it could be laziness but I rather think if it's anything it's more of a 'I want to see for myself what they're like and not kiss-ass.' Anyway, needless to say Jackie was a pleasure to listen to and, to quote Depeche Mode, soothed my soul!

So onto the weekend and I am seeing Seth Lakeman perform at the Theatre Royal Saturday. Could not be MORE excited if I tried. This is probably the first time I've not learnt every lyric to a new album before going to see the artist, I'm actually ashamed to admit I don't have his new album 'word of mouth' but I have made a pact with myself to get it at the gig and Ben did at least download it onto his phone so we can brainwash ourselves on the way down to Plymouth. What I have heard though is as gorgous as ever and I am loving Portrait of my Wife so Saturday night should be brilliant.

Nothing much left to say then except that the covers are coming along nicely for the Halloween gig next wednesday and me and Nev (I think) have finally decided on our costume theme... apologies in advance....

See you soon!


Rose x