Hello again!


Well this has been a bit of a crazy week, let's start with the obvious. Seth Lakeman was, of course, awesome at the Theatre Royal in Plymouth. Every time I see him live I'm blown away by the energy the whole band brings and it was great to see Lisbee backing him up with her stunning vocals. Just brilliant, cannot recommend them enough! (and yes I finally bought my copy of word of mouth) 

Onto the random then and I've had a strange achy-ball-like-sensation in my side all week which I'd put down to a strained muscle. By wednesday, day of the Tapeley gig, it was getting painful so Thursday I saw a Dr who suggested a kidney problem. Alarm bells fully rung, my head was spinning as we travelled up to London on Friday to see an old friend and mosey. The pain got worse and the trip was cut short as we rushed back home to A&E and finally got some antibiotics for my urinary infection Saturday night. Joy. So I'm feeling especially sorry for myself just now HOWEVER Tapeley was awesome.

We dressed up day of the dead style  - I proudly managed my lipstick and eye liner creation at home but the boys needed Jen's makeup expertise at the venue - and me and Nev delivered our spooky set without hitch, even sold a few albums! Niks did a marvellous job on the sound and we even pulled off a cover of Live & Let Die. Really hope I get another chance to play a Halloween set, they're so much fun! It certainly lifted my spirits, oh wow pun unintended there. I might be the most un-funny creature you'll ever meet...

So there you have it, a strange week full of highs and lows. On other news, Broadstairs Festival have now confirmed I'm playing on the Sailing club's acoustic stage as well as later on the main stage. Yay! I've already begun rehearsing despite the fact it's not 'til next Summer....

Optimism engaged then and I'm hoping for a calmer week! Thank you to all who came on Wednesday, shout out to Roy and Ange, you made my night :-)

See you all again soon,


Rose x