Well it's been another long stretch and although I've been quite busy I've not really done much in the way of any musical endeavours of late. Winter is approaching and I'm sort of winding down and settling into the idea of christmas being six weeks away. And how am I preparing I hear you ask? Crafting of course! The apartment currently wreaks of paint and varnish so apologies in advance to friends who will be receiving hand crafted goods this season, money is a bit sparse just now.

The reason for which is dun dun duuuun I've quit the day job. I know, I know I can hear the screams of WHY from here. There were many factors that lead to it so let's paraphrase. I was crying almost every night for three weeks and felt bullied and was basically entirely unhappy. A half term of dodgy stress-related kidney problems confirmed it, I was run down and I'd had enough, so I'm leaving. I just figured my health should come first and clearly the stress was getting to me SO onwards and upwards I figure. In the meantime I'll be down the job centre :P


Rose x