Season's greetings to you all! I hope you've all been having as much fun as me, most of you now should be on holiday or at least approaching holiday so the time to relax and watch the infamous coke advert is nigh! I have had the nicest week meeting up with old friends, so much so it's inspired me to pick up the ol' dulcimer that Mr Purser has kindly fixed up and I've been writing loads.

I've been thinking I'm going to have to buy a thin guitar-like dulcimer for some of these numbers as I'm straining my index finger playing them on a traditional lap - Appalachian style. I kind of play them as I play mandolin on Geography "like a demon possessed" according to David Kidman [read the full review here] although I have to admit I never felt like I was channelling any such entities! I guess if you strum these kinds of traditional instruments you are instantly thought of as insane (I would argue that's my blink 182 influence coming out) but still I think it's a positive review? What do you think?

On other news I've been up to some secret, seasonal antics this weekend that we really can't talk about but I want to talk about but can't..... so let's just say there was a santa hat, me hollering and a lil bit of money raised for charity. I will  divulge all next week.... with pictures! 

So still loads on the horizon and a wonderful christmas to look forward to. I hope you all stay warm and don't hog the crackers!

Rose x