Happy 2015 everyone! I spent new years on a very small big wheel (maybe there's a song in that?), sipping southern comfort and singing along to Depeche Mode (definitely a song in that) and I hope you all had an equally merry time bringing in the new year!

So what have I been up to? Well Santa bought me a MIDI interface for christmas (thank you Ben) so I've been recording a few demos on logic in an attempt to polish some new songs ready for the northern tour this year. I've also been Dulcimer shopping but so far to no avail... this hasn't stopped me writing new songs for Dulcimer however...

So basically I've spent the Christmas period upping my game, writing and planning for the tour oh and I also helped out a friend with some backing vocals [see photo] oh his wonderfully cheesy Christmas song. Now I did write a christmas song a year or so ago but never bothered recording it. With my new found christmas spirit I'm thinking maybe next year I'll actually record it and make my own cheesy christmas song/vid/extraordinaire - what do you think? 

I think it apt that I finish my first blog entry of 2015 with a lot of thank yous for the support given in 2014. I know I do this somewhat religiously but I do often remind myself that without all of you attending my gigs, listening to my demos, reading my blog, buying my music, re-tweeting my tweets none of this could happen and I'd still be that shy girl from Bude writing songs that no one ever heard. It means the world to me that I'm finally being given the opportunity to make a living doing what I love and I have you to thank so here's to you and here's to 2015!


Rose xx