Let's start with the demons... the new job sadly did not work out and I won't go into it but unemployment has at least given me loads of time and inspiration to lend to my demos so let's move swiftly on to them and talks of a new album...


I am uploading fairly regularly to sound cloud these days to keep you all up to date of my musical musings so if you've had enough of Geography already I suggest you pop on over there for a listen. The demos are helping me get an idea of where I want the next album to go and what I want it to sound like. I'm forever saying I have three (no wait four!) books of songs ready to go wherever necessary but I also never stop writing so I've been told I'll have to start thinking about 20 to record for the new album - which will then get minced down to about 12. The cruelty! So what about that new album, well it's going to cost a lot of money. A lot. The budget for the last 2 has been around £200 but this one is likely to break the bank at a whopping £3000 as I am attempting to step up and be a bit more

 professional with licensing and distribution and what not. So I'm looking at crowd funding on kickstarter for a helping hand and I'm desperately looking for a new part-time job but hey it's all good stuff and it's part of the journey so I'm feeling positive about it. At least you know I'm not running out of material, just money!


So it feels a bit like a whirlwind of a time for my brain so Phil Beer is definitely going to calm me down. I'm predicting I'll be a ball of nerves on the first song of my support set then I'll be back to normal. I feel like there's a switch in my head that has three settings 'real world, creating, performing' and I've been stuck on creating for a while - or maybe halfway between the first two. Either way I'm looking forward to returning to the Queen's Theatre, it's going to be a good night so grab your tickets while you still can, I've heard a rumour it's about to sell out!


Rose xx