It dawned on me Monday that I was playing in Dorset on Sunday and had been spending  over a month prepping for Phil Beer (a 5-song set) and no time for a 24 song set! So this week has been spent practising - constantly. I could practically feel the rust flaking off of my left hand as I played 'The Line' - shocking! But as of today I finally have the final copy of the set list printed out and ready for Sunday and I'm quite excited about it. It's been a very long time since I've been to Swanage - I think I was twelve - and I'm hoping we'll get clear weather so that I can do some sight-seeing :)

Anyway I am hoping tonight will go well seeing as I know those songs inside and out... although I did change that set list last night as well... just by one song though! The real dilemma is what on earth do I wear tonight? The pink nail varnish would suggest pink but I'm not sure I've got a matching outfit with the appropriate amount of wow factor... hmm troubling times indeed!

On other news my kickstarter project is up and running and so far £196 has been pledged with 50 days to go (huge thank you to everyone who has pledged so far). I realise that's a good start but I must admit I'm feeling pretty downhearted about it.

I saw a friend of mine was running one to fund his next album and had received abuse from friends and followers and I'm sad to say I've had a similar experience of being accused of making tactical moves on twitter - anyone who knows me know's I'm technically challenged and in no way tactical - so that was a whole load of balloney.

The whole thing has just left me feeling like, "why am I bothering" and also "why on earth were these people ever following me?" Seems to me if you're following someone it's because you want to support them so even if you can't directly help with something you can share a link or give it a like which is how I try to navigate the treacherous seas of social media. I've removed twitter from my phone needless to say, don't need that kind of stress, so my poor PR Ben is handling that playground-nonsense now. I don't know I just feel like asking for help, even if you've never asked before, is frowned upon so I can't see me or my friend reaching our goals.

I'm determined to not let it stop me though, I'll keep trying and somehow I'll still get an album out this year. One way or another. Feeling blindly optimistic!

Rose x