Today is a new day and I'm feeling better about the kickstarter project. Here's why: first off I just had a very successful long weekend of gigging (which well get to in a bit), I've had a good interview with Bude & Beyond, I've had another £10 pledged on the project AND I've spoken to the producer of the next record. All in all that's left me feeling a bit like that short guy in ghostbusters 2 after he's been doused in 'positive' pink slime - hysterically happy.

So I should start by telling you about what it was like to support Phil Beer! It was pretty cool to be waiting in the loading area of the Queen's Theatre hearing him warm up on fiddle, the acoustics in that section just make you want to play. I was pretty nervous because I had to press a button on stage to make an instrument work, I know I know, "how hard can that be?" I hear you ask. Well ask any technician who has to deal with performers and they'll all tell you, musicians and buttons do not mix. I remember continually on my college course whenever we did live sound there'd be a fault, "why is there no signal?" someone would yell. "It's not the cable..." "Oh it's not switched on." Hand-slaps-forehead. I coped well though and didn't mess that one up, remarkably! It was great to hear Phil do some old Cornish tunes, it remindedme of singing in primary school and it was just pure nostalgia when he sang 'Way haul away, Joe.' I sold lots of albums that night  and saw so many familiar faces so it was just hugs all around. Lots of love in that room!

Onto Sunday and I was travelling up to Dorset to play a set at a little pub called Worth Matravers (which I hear as worth m'travels in my head). I knew someone was coming who would determine whether or not I was good enough to play a set at Wickham Festival and I could not get past that. I didn't think about kickstarter, I didn't think about the logistics of bringing four instruments into a tiny space I just knew I had to impress. [I also knew I wanted to do a spot of sight seeing on the way so we checked out the Cerne Abbas Giant and the Osmington White Horse on the way - awesome!] So all of that meant I didn't really promote my kickstarter or my albums much and I was a bag of nerves. Normally I am fine the minute I get on stage; the nerves, for me tend to come before, but whenever I'm playing in front of someone who I know can alter my career drastically my left hand starts to shake - sometimes my legs! It's embarrassing but I ploughed on through you'll be happy to know ;) and.... I got the slot! YAAAAAAAAAAY! 

I had another positive experience yesterday of being interviewed for the Bude & Beyond website. For those of you who don't know, I grew up in Bude so it was nice to reminisce and talk about what has influenced me and how bad I was in school! It was nice to cite some old teachers I did like though and I really hope they see the article, especially you Mrs Harbut! Your encouragement with my poetry and creative writing had a huge impact on my music, there's no doubt in my mind you helped me become the songwriter I am today so thank you! Having a chat with the next projects producer straight afterwards continued my happy vibe and made me feel more like, yes this is going to happen. I am going to make this. It's going to be brilliant.

Bit of blind faith there I'm sure but no less I will carry on regardless, as the beautiful south would say. I've even got an album title in mind that I might disclose in the next blog to see what you think ;)

Before I go I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has already pledged on my project. You are wonderful, generous people and I am determined to make this album for you!

See you soon,

Rose x