or did it? ahh I've got you thinking now haven't I ;) Yes, I am heading for the air waves! I'm so excited to be seeing the whacky South West Music Award Nominee Jackson Cooper again on Riviera FM. This time I must try not to pull such a dorky face in the picture so that Ben can actually use it..... I actually managed t come off as chinless in the last one! I'll be plugging the kickstarter and performing three lives tracks, though I haven't decided which songs I'll be doing yet (I'm all ears for requests). I'm thinking give you something a bit different but then everything is a bit different when it comes to me haha. I've also been approached by another radio station and I'm going to be all secretive and not tell you who just yet - no it's not radio 1 - just 'cause I don't like to count my chickens before they've hatched. Needless to say though I will keep you posted as soon as it's confirmed!

Kickstarter update and I have reached £576 and I've got 39 days to go! Feels a bit like that Johnny Cash song, 25 minutes to go..... I received an incredible anonymous donation which is why it has leapt so far in the last week and to the unnamed hero I just want you to know it's fairly inevitable you're going to get a song written about you in the near future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Okay okay I can hear you all throwing up 'cause I got so squishy and sentimental but honestly that did make a huge difference. I will be doing a little busk outside Nature's Nutrition in Bideford on the 7th of March to help raise awareness of the project so if you're still not sure I'm worth it come on down and I'll sing you a little song :)

That's pretty much it for the minute, gigs and backers keep coming in and my head continues to spin so all that's left to say is thank you for your support and keep spreading the word! 

Love you all!

Rose x