Okay well maybe not quite but that's how you feel the first time someone you don't know approaches you and says, "didn't I hear you on the radio?" Haha okay I'm leaping but I have got a lot of radio appearances this week so maybe that's why I'm feeling a little special :) On Thursday I'm on Street Live at the Voice FM from 7:30pm on Saturday morning I'm on BBC Radio Devon from 10:30am and Saturday evening from around 7:50pm I'll be on Riviera FM :O! I'm worn out just looking at that list but it should be great fun!

I had a blast last week promoting the kickstarter and was over the moon to see we got in the Journal and one of Ben's lovely pictures got printed. I played at Nature's Nutrition on Saturday, as you know, and managed to raise £55.58 from busking then when I got home I found a £20 donation on the mat. This along with a massive pledge over the weekend has left me rocketing towards the finish line with 12 days to go and I am unbelievably grateful and astounded at the generosity of people.

So I now feel newly enthused to make sure this album is different from Geography and grabs you by the ears. You see I confess I've been battling with the track list for a month or so 'cause nothing was really jumping out at me and obviously kickstarter had taken over my mind! Yesterday however I had a moment when I tried out a song I wrote on mandolin last year on the banjo and it suddenly fell into place. I added it to the second list I've been working on (the album that would have come after this next one) and it dawned on me that it was a much better album and I thought, I really should be recording that one. I shared the song and thoughts with Ben and he agreed, somewhat bluntly, that my original plans for this record weren't going to work. So with all of this in mind I can tell you exclusively that I currently have nine tracks that I would like to record (which will undoubtedly increase) I've got a working title and if all goes to plan I'll play 5 different types of instrument on it. Now that sounds a lot more exciting than my 13 track Geography II list I had going on which only featured three at the most!

So I'm feeling very very VERY excited and now I just need one final push to get me to the target. I only need to raise £29 more so please, you wonderful people, keep spreading the word and I'll keep spreading the word and together we will get there!

Rose x