I thought I'd open with the immortal cry of Roy Orbison - what a good tune that is - and celebrate the fact that the Kickstarter project has finally come to a close and not only did I reach my goal, you all helped me go over it bringing the final total to £1,811 :O I think my eyes just widened as I typed that! Holy Moley... Now admittedly I won't get that full amount, kickstarter take a percent but hey that's why over shooting the goal means to much to me! That is half of this album funded so I reckon - seeing as we're aiming for four days recording - I reckon that's two full days set and ready to go! How exciting is that?

I apologise for not giving you an update last week, I got pretty busy tutoring and pushing the kickstarter. Saturday was very busy and I felt very fancy going on BBC Radio Devon and Riviera FM in one day! I shall try and paint you a picture...for the radio Devon set I was in Exeter waiting with a cup of tea in a sparkly mug when JV (I'm so hip I'm going to abbreviate his name haha) lead me and Ben down some stairs. So at this point we're pretty much in the basement, which is cool enough really, and mr David Fitzgerald was all the way over in Plymouth so my only was of communicating was to hear him through the headphones and speak to the orange microphone, which I cannot stress enough felt a lot like I was in Flight of the Navigator (go google that, cracking Sci-Fi film). It was very strange indeed but something about the cocoon of that basement really set the mood and made the songs come easier.

Anyway after that went well and we'd taken in the sights of Exeter - buffet city and the Museum - we headed over to Paignton and checked out the pier. They have a trampoline at the end so naturally we went on that and it felt incredibly bizarre to be bouncing over the tide! After that, and a nice Indian for tea, we headed over and Mr Jackson Cooper warmed us up with tea and free reign on a piano - I was in my element - and what a lovely way to end the day that was! We headed upstairs, through the maze of tables and chairs to a snug little white room where JC - there I go again- asked me lots of chewy questions; you know, the kind you can really think about and get your teeth into? It was a brilliant interview and probably me at my honest so it's arguably a good job he recorded it (you can check it out on my soundcloud). I say arguably because I'm not sure if my sweet stupidity is what people want to hear but hey that's who I am :)

Phew so I've been recording demos and liaising with Boo, my producer, since then about when and where this album is going to happen and we think we're narrowing it down so I'm thinking within a month I can reveal all the details to you. In the meantime let me just say again, and rather loudly with party poppers attached a massive THANK YOU to everyone who backed me. It has reminded me that it's no longer just me sat on my bedspread singing songs to myself and that you are all out there, waiting patiently for the next song to emerge so honestly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you x

Stay tuned you awesome people, there's always more to come!


Rose x