Alrighty well it's been a couple weeks since my last blog entry because in all honesty although there's been lots going on and everyone around me is swelling with new dates and activities, I have felt quite lost. Okay okay so that's not really any news to you, anyone who's ever heard any of my songs is probably going, 'well yeah...' but just lately me and my music have been a little distant. It's a bit like one of us called the other one ugly and now rather than talk it through with each other we're just trying to ignore one another. I suppose it has something to do with my mic stand being left in the car and me being too absent minded to remember to actually empty the car after a gig - perhaps my music feels like I'm taking it for granted? Either way it's definitely like another person in my life and we've definitely not been talking.

So that brings us to this week and I've been writing lyrics like mad - all angry and unworthy - and what music has come has been completely mismatched, a gentle and delicate backdrop to some appalling skeleton of a song. Clearly the musical turmoil continues HOWEVER the impending gig at St Mary's this Friday has at least given the two of us something to talk about and we have been rehearsing and things are brightening up again. I think sometimes that when musicians are trying to get on a bit more and do those 'less-is-more' dates you end up a bit detached from what you were doing in the first place. In the beginning it was open mics every Tuesday at the Old Smithy Inn and complete submergence in a ocean of sound, devoid of all labels of genre. These days I find I'm having less time for that as I'm scraping around trying to make a living and everyone seems so hung up on whether or not something is folk or not. Maybe I should just come out and admit my love for punk and Sinead O'Connor and confess that I used to train my voice to Celine Dion but maybe more importantly maybe I should go and lose myself in sound this weekend...

Catch you on the wave length!

Rose x