Well I thought a few performances would sort me out and they have! Friday's gig at St Mary's Church in Bideford went enormously well despite occurring straight after a busy day at work (no time for a shower) and having no time for a soundcheck due to a choir rehearsing.... *I'm saying nothing* :P Marcos did a lovely job on the sound and really made my 'Dragonfly' soar through to the rafters. That was a pretty cool moment actually, one I hadn't had in a while, where I was singing and you could have heard a pin drop... er had I not been singing :P It was a great evening in aid of Edukid and it was nice to see some old colleagues from Great Torrington School, though I apologise if I didn't approach anyone. I really am quite blind in dim lighting and I was a little unsure so I didn't really fancy walking up to a stranger and going, "Remember me? oh it's not you...." 

Anyway so that was the first performance of the weekend that brought me a little bit back from the dead, so to speak, and then Sunday I had a free afternoon (this is rare!) so I headed over to the local open mic and knocked out three tunes with the local jammers. I have to say 'Bullseye' sounds very good with Sax and Cajon and it was bloody lovely to just feel like myself again and enjoy being in the moment of a song rather than panicking about who I've got to impress or whether or not I'm going to forget the lyrics. I just went for it regardless and it felt good. The lovely Saxophonist said he'd never taken to folk before but really enjoyed playing on my tracks, he said it was as if a sea mist came down and we were all in a misty moment together haha what a great description.

So I'm back, my voice is still returning and gaining strength after a 2-1/2 week cold/flu/chest infection thingy I caught over Easter and I'm feeling inspired to write good lyrics again :) yay! Also I should tell you I have decided to buy the Dulcimer I've been adoring and taking for granted all this time. You see in the last week I did actually buy another off of ebay in preparation for my set at Ireby festival, but when it came I realised the fretting was different - apparently there is such a thing as a 'strumstick' fretting and I have learnt and written on traditional - so that was a turn off and it also became immediately obvious that there was a huge difference in sound. The new one was light and tinny and clearly made of spruce whereas my little diamond in the rough is dark and, I know now, made of model-maker's mahogany. How wonderful that I should write all these dark songs on a rare, hand-made mahogany dulcimer haha It has a much warmer tone than any other dulcimer I have played and it hit me like a slippery fish I should just ask the lovely John if I could buy it and then attempt to spruce - if you forgive the pun - it up at Brook Guitars in time for festival season. So that's the plan!

Album wise I am still waiting to hear back about dates for recording, which as you can understand is like sitting on a bed of nails and being told to lie down and relax. I'm sure I'll hear something in May as my producer has two weeks free then but 'til then it'll be the bed of nails for me and hopefully I'll get some demo recordings done this week.

Onwards and upwards either way! Thank you all for your continued support as always.

Rose x