Well I am still buzzing from last night's support slot (supporting the lovely Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman at the Plough) so I thought I'd get on in there and post a blog while it's all still fresh in my mind, because for me personally a lot of special, and random, things happened.

First off as many of you are aware I've been suffering with a pretty shocking cough and frog throat all week and attempts at dousing it in honey and green tea has had little effect however I stepped up my game last night and decided it was time for a good old fashioned remedy - whiskey. Now as many more of you are aware I don't really drink so I really had to be careful I didn't end up a drunkard on stage after a dram. My solution was to mix it in a mug of hot water and I also had a final, tiny dram just before going on and MIRACULOUSLY this seemed to work! Whiskey has saved my bacon before, there was a gig in Braunton (which landed me agents) where the bar keep offered me his honey and whiskey remedy to save my voice and save it he did! I reckon it was a mixture of that and Marcus' dreamy reverb and delay last night that made my voice sound half decent; I was quite literally dumbfounded when people were coming up to me saying I sang like an angel... genuinely thought they were being funny or something!

Throat aside last night was the first time I've dressed a bit more like me - the civilian - also know as the curly hippy haha but it was great! It felt good to just go out on that stage (there was a raised stage at the Plough, I know I know! first time right?) and just be myself. Probably had something to do with my order from misguided not arriving on time, the cough/throat thing and me being completely baffled at what to wear!

Another special thing that happened was I didn't play a cover. Normally when I support someone I throw one in there and although I'd rehearsed one I felt my voice couldn't do it justice so I cut it. I'm glad I did. I was truly myself last night and it felt great PLUS I played three songs off the new album and they went down a treat. It's great how much people love 'Hold Tight' because it's a song I adore (I realise that's a bit vain but go with me here I'll explain) even though it's not a story I wrote about myself, the theme is a slave stuck in the dark on a ship, I think it's powerful and tells itself. When I wrote it the words were literally being plucked out of the night on a rocky ferry trip to France so it feels like it was whispered on the sea to me so honestly thank you to all the people who keep telling me how much they like it. I was very cautious about playing it at first, due to the sensitivity of the theme, but it's becoming one of those songs you just want to keep playing and already has very special place in my heart.

Okay so onto a funny anecdote of the evening... we were lucky enough to share a dressing room at the Plough with Kathryn and Sean and so while they were playing we were chilling out listening and pratting around behind the scenes. Now the chairs are alright but I had decided Ben's lap was far comfier and I'd also decided I wanted a bear hug - being tired and on the come down of the performance buzz - so I went and sat face to face with Ben on his lap. Okay so you can already imagine how bad this must've looked... or inappropriate.... well my little mind didn't really register this and when I heard the main dressing room door go I thought, "well that can't be them 'cause they're out there playing, I wonder who it is" what I should've thought is "this looks wrong I should get off of Ben." But... I didn't and in walked Sean eager to tune up his guitar for the next song after a little solo number by Kathryn. Slightly mortified as I realised how dodgy this was looking I made some weak (very weak) joke about Ben's lap being far comfier than the chairs and that he was welcome to try his lap out. *face slap* Yes I was digging the hole deeper and used this dreadful attempt at salvaging any respect he might've had for me by gracefully removing myself from Ben's lap and sitting on the chair, where I should've been the whole time. Whoops. I love how Ben had nothing to say during this time, he just sat there putting up with me and my cuddles! Poor guy...

So it was a great, hilarious, motivational evening that really psyched me up for Ireby (next time we all see each other again will be Ireby) and as Sean said, "it will be an adventure." I feel like Bilbo Baggins already...


Rose x

ps. Shout out to Bry & Paul, Tuck & Ruth and Linda & Janet felt very cool to have my own fan club in the audience! xx