Well I said I'd be back and I'm back! Writing/annoying you again :P Let's start by talking about BAAM fest. It went well, I think? I had a small but faithful crowd gathered at my feet in the very red tent and they were very forgiving of the frog in my throat as I tried out new tunes. It was good to reconnect with old friends and to sing 'Widemouth Bay' in it's home town. The only thing that would have made that more perfect for me were if I'd actually sung it on the cliffs of Widemouth Bay, it felt right to bring it home although I guess people forget I'm a Cornish girl these days. I remember discussing what I was with my Dad when I was younger as I was one of a generation of kids living in Bude but born in Barnstaple as our local hospital wasn't really setup for child birth. As a result we are doomed to wander the counties, unlabelled! Haha 


Anyway let's talk about the album. I've got two weeks. TWO WEEKS! Where has the time gone? Two weeks 'til I'm back in the studio (where I belong) recording my sixth album, which will also technically be my debut album, as Roseanna Ball - even though we changed the artwork of Geography for the reissues so as not to confuse people..... I'm not helping am I? The album has suffered many changes since it's first conception last year but I think I've finally decided on a title and you heard it here first. It will be called Time and there is a title track which no doubt some of you have heard on soundcloud in its demo format. I only hope I can convey the same emotion in it when I properly record it! I'm hoping to launch this album at a very special location in North Devon, one I've never launched at before. I'll let you know more when I've got dates confirmed 'cause I don't like to count my chickens before they've hatched!


In the mean time I'll be supporting Boo Hewerdine (my producer) at Tapeley Park this Wednesday and I'm planning to unveil some new tunes and maybe even a new instrument.... intrigued? Come on down and cash in those hugs I've been promising! Seriously I need cuddles :P

Rose x