Well thus ends a very stressful week! As many of you know the Tapeley gig was unfortunately cancelled due to lack of ticket sales - I guess we can't stress enough the need for advance sales these days - and then a bunch of tea towels and an overstocked cupboard meant I put my back out Wednesday and since then I've felt pretty rigid and low to be honest but hey never mind! I'm more that ready to bounce back with a second wave of enthusiasm! 

Let's talk about father's day, just briefly mind on account of it being a touchy subject. It's nice to see everyone taking to social media with their selfies and I must say it's nice to see people remembering those they lost as well. It was probably the displays I saw last year on my feed that compelled me to share a picture this year but whatever it was I'm glad I did it. I'm normally quite private and although many of you know from the twaddle I talk between songs that I have lost a fair amount of people non were as important to me as my Dad; although they came close.

Growing up with one parent was hard enough and one of the opposite gender made puberty particularly difficult (for both of us!) but he was always there, supportive and encouraging. An absolute rock who would go out of his way to help anyone. I made a promise to my Dad that I would never forget him - I thought it was daft he even asked me to promise... I also swore I'd never wear those wireless head-mounted microphones he saw Britney wearing once... (he felt they looked stupid). His lasting impression is so obvious in my songs and the person I've become; it's why I feel the need to tell the world of my Dad. I remember making a winamp skin of him - does anyone still use winamp? - and I think it got 2 downloads somewhere in the middle east and I felt I'd made him famous! He's always in my songs, lurking in the background, like some warm lantern guiding the way and I think he'll be there again next week when I come to record my sixth album.

To quote Rafiki (for no particular reason), "It is time."

Happy Father's Day x