Phew! What a week, and where to begin? Let's get the naff stuff out the way and end on the high. The cystitis is now a suspected kidney infection or kidney stones (on both sides) so you can imagine the pain I have been in. I am told it is close to child birth; way-to-go put me off...

It really has been a hard week of ploughing through my recording schedule then medicating at the appropriate times to keep the excruciating throbs from coming through. It was so bad Wednesday night though that I had to wake Ben up and ask him to drive me to the primary care unit at Gloucester Hospital at 3:30am in the morning. Thankfully they gave me painkillers and anti-biotics which meant I could actually sleep but still the pain remains and this is starting to sound like a proper lament!

That morning trip to the hospital did allow me to see not only a creamy moon but also some deer, bunnies and a ridiculous amount of magpies on the way back to the Convent when the light was up so that was silver lining. Deer are so rare when you live in a town and normally the magpies are so few I count them to the rhyme and get paranoid if I don't see two in the space of ten minutes. The pain also inspired a new song which I rather like - and will hopefully perform in the near future - and allowed me extra conviction when I recorded vocals.

Anyway I should tell you of the recording process! Max was my tracking engineer (I've learnt that's what you call the man behind the buttons) and did a wonderful job of not only recording every minute detail I wanted - particularly on the title track - but also of suggesting ideas that I had never thought of before. I learnt loads not only about the professional recording process but also about my music and how I want it to sound.


We did a lot of experiments on the Thursday (having finished the album by Wednesday) and a fair amount paid off. Without giving too much away there are instruments on this album that I have never recorded with before but they are all me, promise, with the exception of a guest vocal on two tracks.

 The more I think about it 'Time' [album title] is going to stand out a lot as being an unusual mix of instruments. I've really tried to give you the full display, even more so than Evergreen and not just girl-with-guitar like Spilling the Beans. I think we worked out that the titled track had 7 instrument tracks and 4 vocals (you can tell I'm pleased with that) and all in all there are around eight different instruments on the album. By comparison Geography had around three, which had sort of become my staple in the last two years. So I guess it's no wonder really that I started a take on a guitar straight after playing mandolin, opened with the wrong chord and said, 

"sorry my brain forgot what instrument it was playing a G on." What a dope but anyway I think it's pretty clear that I am very proud of what I've managed to achieve in the space of four days and it appears to already be opening doors for me, again without saying too much. Let's not count our chickens before they've hatched!


So all that's left to say is a huge thank you to everyone that backed me on kickstarter and made this possible. This is the process that your support facilitated and why I was so damn determined not to let you down when I got ill. Thank you thank you thank you, because you have no idea what this album will mean.

I'll check in again when I've calmed down a bit for more stories from The Convent! 

Rose x