Flashback to hours spent at school with Jenny perfecting our northern accents joost incayse we eva got t'chance ta take it for a test roon. Alas I just couldn't do it to you Yorkshire...

I sped up Sunday evening alone on the train to finish the album and was met by heavy rain, the kind that made wearing my shiny pink mac and getting copious amounts of I-can't-believe-what-she-is-wearing-stares completely worth it. My poor bag was getting soaked as I tottled down the road but thankfully the hotel was dead ahead and it wasn't long before I was met by that amazing room. Not only was there a soft, squishy bed but there was also a bath, hot chocolate and bourbon biscuits waiting for me. So that was breakfast sorted then...

Fast forward to the next day and the final stages of mixing began with Julie Matthews in her studio shed, or sted? ;) I met her very lovely dog Dillan and groomed him continuously - wrecking all soft furnishings in sight - while we tweaked some delays and fiddled with a penny whistle. There wasn't too much to do so I finished pretty early and then it was back to the hotel and my severe home sickness. It was like those first few nights at Uni where you just have that overwhelming sense of loneliness but at least I had facebook - Ben did his best to provide me with silly faces for comfort. Day two, as a result, dragged as the album only took an hour or so to master and then there was lots of sitting around listening critically to it. After three whole runs of it (2 consecutively I realised I had become immune and could not longer tell if the splosives on 'Out' were detectable. I'm sure I just looked wide-eyed and worn out! Sadly the train home wasn't until 6pm so it was a long wait but once I was on the final sheffield - tiverton stretch I felt a lot happier and began to rush through my Morrissey book. [I've been reading this for over a year in small segments as I enjoy it so much so that I don't want it to end].

When I finally got off the train, in the dark moody rain, I ran to the footbridge, shuffled behind another passenger and then ran in a very wounded fashion towards Ben on the other side. Think I sprained something what with all the tottling, running and shuffling! All in all I was a very wounded animal in the car on the way home, gorging on Dominoes' Pizza, and I've been recovering ever since.

I can however celebrate the fact that 'Time' is finally mixed & mastered and ready for manufacture and I still remain hopeful it'll be in your ears by October. I am still negotiating a launch date and things are still on the horizon, including Appledore book festival on October 1st. I'm toying with the idea of debuting a few new tunes and ideas at that one so it should be a good night.

So keep watching this space as there is most certainly more news to come and, as always, thank you for your continued support :-) 

Rose x