Now I've left this entry for a couple weeks as I wanted to gather some positivity and not just moan about deadlines and work engulfing all my energy so here I am, back on form!

Let's start with the fun I had playing on Colin's show on the Voice FM last Saturday :-) It is always an absolute joy to see that man chuckling away on the microphone and looking on in wonder as I struggle to identify the tracks on 'what's-the-word.' I do know loads of genres and artists, honest, it's just they never seem to be in that segment... Anyway thank you for the advice given on facebook I did indeed play the Thatcher as requested and mixed it up with a bit of banjo on the last track, Anchor... but that's not what everyone is talking about. I've had three separate people rip it out of me this week for not knowing where to get tickets for my own gig. Alright alright :-) So I'm as dense as some celestial atmosphere but hey at least Ben was there, that is one of his primary roles after all, making sure I don't completely screw things up ;-).

Remarkably people did find tickets and it was a packed yet cosy atmosphere in St. Mary's Hall last night. I'd had a crazy day teaching, working and negotiating lifts which left me with little time for anything else so by the time I reached the venue I had no set list and some very grubby boots on.

I always used to think preparation was the key for a gig but I have to say writing a set list 20 mins before I went on seemed to work for me last night, as a friend said, it allowed for spontaneity which is 'what I'm all about.' Aww 'n'that nice? I did about six new songs and really mixed things up and somehow the chaos of the day dissolved into a delicate evening of thought therapy. I should mention a few of my typical faux pas though as they are, as usual, quite splendid. As I mentioned before I had very grubby cowboy boots on and so I'd packed my polish to sort them out after sound checking...what I didn't realise was that some of that polish had made its way onto my chest and I then spent the next 2 hours singing away with a red splodge on my boob. Sadly this was pointed out to me so no I didn't get away with it! Maybe next time I'll find a mirror before I go on, or not leave polishing to the very last minute! The second epic fail was when a friend got up to leave and, I thought, extended their arm as if to shake and I did-a-Cameron and half put my hand out to greet it but no such thing happened and it was instead left hanging awkwardly as I said goodbye. sssssss ouch! Whoops, hopefully the people still sitting down at this point were oblivious but I mean really, how do I manage it?

It was wonderful to see so many friends in the audience last night and I sold an astonishing amount of CDs which has really helped so here's where I do all my thank yous: Thank you to everyone who bought a CD, t to everyone who paid me a compliment as they left, to those who posted on social media how much they enjoyed it, and to Marcos and GTS in general for lending me their microphones, stands and cables as it was looking like an acoustic set 48hrs ago and I really could not of done it without them! Ben it goes without saying that I am forever in your debt, thank you for doing the sound despite not being a sound technician, you did a fantastic job and kept me very calm :-)

So now I am off of holiday for a week to recover and hopefully by the time I come back I will be able to give you an update on my new album 'Time' and where we are now. Lots of people last night were asking about it and I can reassure you it's on its way, another month perhaps and I should have it in my hand :-)

All the best, I'll see you in a week (or so!)

Rose x