Where to begin! Well I had a little holiday, as you know, to Croatia and that was absolute bliss. I'd been feeling very stressed and worn out before but we booked a fairly last minute break and it was just what the doctor ordered. Lots of people expected me to write a bunch of songs out there but that's not really how my mind works and was too busy ostrich-ing in the sea watching all the fish swim by. Apparently I looked very silly and should learn to snorkel properly... maybe next time!

So we've been back a week putting the finishing touches on the album artwork for 'Time' and working hard to pay everything off. I'm very proud of all the hard work Ben, Nev and Jen have put into it as they've made me look fairly epic on the front so hopefully in a months time I'll have it in my hands and be able to look at where and when to launch.

I had a nice, quiet gig at Saunton Road Studios last night which was a nice way to end the week. It was lovely to finally meet Amy as we've exchanged emails over the years and I've obviously heard so many positive things about her. I have to say it's a great space for any musician, there's a very cool wood-chopped wall in the studio and I especially liked the paintbrush handle on the door...which I felt compelled to brush my hand with... I really can't not touch. It was a cosy atmosphere and a great opportunity to do some new songs; I pretty much gave up on the set list and just played what felt right and hoped they went down well. I even threw in a new cover that I proudly learned in 2 days - I can't even learn my own songs in 2 days! So I'm feeling refreshed, motivated and ready for Bristol next week - just can't decide what instruments to take!

Rose x