I'm finding it very hard to write today. It's difficult to talk about anything positive after the events of the past week with regards to the terrorist attacks on Beirut and Paris.

I remember the planes hitting the two towers and I remember the fear in my gut and everyone just standing silently shaken watching the TV and I felt that same jolt of fear Saturday morning. I was attending the AFO Conference, eager to play and show the festival organisers what I could do but then I saw the TV and 'all I could do' seemed so trivial as all I wanted to do was cry. Although I did meet some nice people and have a pretty good time I still felt guilty for laughing or enjoying myself and I'm sure I wasn't alone as there seemed to be a permanent semi-circle of people glued to the television. It is hard to carry on but it is important to as a life lived in fear is a life half-lived or perhaps not lived at all so I will try and get a bit more positive on you now!

Let's back track slightly as I haven't updated in a while and at the beginning of November I did a small in-situ set at the Lion's Club Firework Display in Bideford. They were raising money for the hospice and it was a lovely night with superb apple crumble and brilliant fireworks. I've also been up to Bristol again, I know, I might as well live there really! I dropped in on the seven stars to see the refreshingly quirky Sumita play (I am a die hard fan) and she did me the honour of playing my request so that pretty much made my day. Fast forward to the evening and I had a great yet brief time at the Golden Guinea performing solely on mandolin (can't remember the last time I did that... possibly at The Imp 3 years ago!). It was lovely to reconnect with Mark Venus and hear all his good news, congratulations again sir, and yet again 'Dragonfly' sent a hush over the crowd. It's funny 'cause I never thought that song was any good but I heard someone yell, "that's a bloody good song!" so maybe I'll play it more.

Album update: I have been told there was a jam in the pressing machine and delivery has been put back a few weeks so please don't panic kickstarter backers, I have not forgotten you and as soon as I have all the copies they will be assembled with your other rewards and posted off to you, most likely just in time for Christmas.

Rose x