I had a lovely start to my week with the Braunton History Group who invited me to play at their Christmas function on Tuesday. Now normally I don't name names when I've done a private gig - I'm not really sure why, might be a 'professional-overkill-habit' but I have so many nice things to say about this jolly group I'm going to have to give 'em a mention.

First off I met Neil who thankfully did the sound for me and provided a PA. I haven't really accepted it yet or told many people but my speakers were sadly stolen earlier this year though curiously they left the stands? Very strange but I won't dwell on it, I'm seeing it as a fresh start seeing as I'd had them since 2008 the jokes on them really. Anyway... so we set up in a cosy nook to the side of the bar and right in front of the door to the kitchen. Cue the many times we both looked at equipment rock as staff bustled by and took a deep breath of fear. 

So after we'd set up we snuggled into a brilliant christmas meal with CRACKERS! Now I will never ever get over the novelty of crackers, when I used to run open mics crackers always came out on the tables when we got near christmas so imagine how stoked I was to find a pack of cards in mine! A quick game of patience ensued as Tony told me tales of the Mitchel Mariners and Cider Press Brothers... there are definitely some songs in there we just have to watch and wait.

I'm really pleased with how the actual set went down as I wasn't entirely sure what to play, I never am when it's a private gig and normally break out the covers, this was no exception but I did limit it to 3 festive numbers and it was wonderful to have the audience singing along to the carols. They even sang along to something stupid despite me doing something stupid and forgetting what key I do that one in.... whoops. It was also lovely to break out songs I hadn't played in a while like East of the water and The Line and for them to have a fresh audience. You can tell I had a great time so before I forget I would like to thank Jon, Sue, Tony and Neil for making it probably the most memorable Tuesday ever!

I also forgot to mention in my last blog post that I received a note  a week or so ago from a kickstarter backer who had listened to Time and wanted to give me their thoughts on it. Naturally this made my day so I feel I've got to share it with you and thank him officially for being a sweety. I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes the Cranberries, they're like this forgotten gem from the 90s.

Few more festive gigs to come to stay tuned for more nonsense!

Rose x