Well I hope you've all had a wonderful christmas and I hope you are prepping yourselves for the best new year celebration you can muster! It's been a mixed year and indeed a mixed christmas so I'll share my thoughts you as we teeter on the edge of 2016...

First off my heart goes out to Cumbria and the many venues and households that have suffered the flood waters this winter. I had a wonderful time gigging in Carlisle and the surrounding area earlier this year and I can only hope that the wonderful northern spirit endures and Cumbria is able to get back on its feet as soon as possible. xx

Feel a bit spoilt now to be talking about presents but I was a very very lucky girl this Christmas as I received three very important musical presents: firstly a new snark tuner - DESPERATELY needed as anyone who has heard me live lately will know. Secondly the promise of Bodhran lessons - thank goodness 'cause no matter how much I try with youtube tutorials it's just not happening without a tutor... and finally my favourite Tori Amos album on vinyl, 'under the pink.' Absolutely gorgeous. I can honestly say I feel renewed and revived through listening to it... music is coming!

I've been writing loads lately but I am reminded to focus on 'Time' and I should tell you all that I am currently sorting out some tremendous talents to back me up for my album launch which I can now confirm will be at Tapeley Park February 26th (a day after my birthday I might add so we've got to make it extra special ;). Rehearsals should begin mid-january and I'll, of course, be teasing you with artistic snap shots of peoples feet and what not to keep you all guessing about what instruments will be joining me.

So that's the news for now! It's been a long year, here's to a smoother ride in 2016

Rose x

ps. Oh and it goes without saying I love you all and I remain eternally grateful to the kickstarter backers and anyone who ever bought an album. You have all given me a hell of a lot of support this year and I have really appreciated it. Onwards and upwards together, happy 2016 everyone! x