'Dust Off' is a culmination of over ten years of writing and gigging through life's ups, downs and maintaining the ethos of when things go wrong, 'pick yourself up and dust off'.

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'There's a country vibe that runs through the album, and there is something of Tracy Chapman about the superb opener 'Try', which is underpinned, as are many of the tracks, by Ian Holleran's percussion. The insistent, low-level thrum is like the album's heartbeat, which works well with Ball's masterful guitar playing and effortless voice.'

- Jonathan Roscoe, Shire Folk




All songs written and performed by Roseanna Ball. Additional vocals and instrumentation provided by Ian Holleran and Mike Lake.

Recorded and Mixed by Lee Crossman at The Ariel Studios, Ilfracombe, North Devon.

Roseanna Ball © 2018





Roseanna Ball's long awaited debut solo album 'Time'.

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"The arrangements are simple and effective and the singing energetic and passionate on Roseanna Ball's album Time, the name of the catchy opening song."

- Martin Chilton, telegraph.co.uk


"This is an intensely personal album of songs. As we know time waits for no-one and this is one singer who is determined to make her mark. Her vocal range is impressive - stretching from the powerful urgings in the title track to the subtlety found in the moving Too Soon, the most beautiful song to be found here."

- John Knighton, fatea-records.co.uk


"This is an album with a palpable magnetism - a voice that takes the songs from warm and mellow to powerful and moving, instrumentation that augments but never interferes. There’s an indefinable something that certain artists bring to songs that make you ‘feel’ every word, Roseanna belongs to that select group."

- Charlie Elland, folkwords.com



All songs written and performed by Roseanna Ball. Additional vocals provided by Neville Pope.

Recorded by Max Hodges at The Convent Studio in South Woodchester, Stroud.

Mixed and Mastered by Julie Matthews at her Penistone Studio and produced by Executive Producer Boo Hewerdine.

Roseanna Ball © 2016