What a rollercoaster of symptoms this term has been! Somehow (I'll show you how) I managed to claw my voice back just enough to complete Friday's gig at the Jack Russell in Swimbridge but good grief what a week!

It all started on the last day of term... well actually it probably started weeks before 

as I'd literally only just shaken the last virus that throttled me a la launch but anyway on Thursday I felt my voice going. Now usually it gets wobbly, squeaky, and low but normally I can just about get a tune out of it. Not this time. Not even close so I stopped talking Thursday night - much to the amusement of Ben - and continued in silence until 6pm the next day - much to the amusement of Ben's family who had to put up with my mute-rudeness at a Good Friday lunch....

A quick google search had revealed utter rest, no whispering was a very VERY good idea along with 'harnessing the power of steam' and drinking lots of water cue lots of strange selfies of me towel-a-fied bent over the hob. Have to say though it did get my through and I had a lovely night with Del, Paul, Kev, Julie and just about everyone in swimbridge! The pub was packed and no wonder, the pizza was IMMENSE! Wonderful people, lovely atmosphere = a very forgiving audience. Thank you Jack Russell you made my Easter :)

On other news, after 6 years of entries and scribbles I have finally finished volume two of my lyric books! The first entry was on July 7th 2010 and the last 27th of March 2016 and a quick tally reveals around 155 songs in here, 25 of which have been professionally recorded - and I complain when I get a dry spell.... It's quite mind boggling when I think about it actually, there's still a lot of stories crying out to be heard so I'd better get my butt in gear in the coming year! In the meantime though I need to find another old book for the next tome...

Rose x