On a list of memorable moments, bashing out Folsom Prison as the Tarka Train rattles through Lapstock rates pretty high. Ian & I had a cracking time at Lapstock on Saturday. Lapford really is a lovely part of the world and we had great weather for it! It was great to play a mix of Johnny Cash and my music - can't wait to play more of my music and get recording in the winter!


We exhausted ourselves in June with gigs and July has been far more chilled out. We've just got our gig at RHS Rosemoor's Flower Show on the 17th of August and then my brain will switch permanently over to wedding mode - aaahhhh. Luckily I've pencilled in some me-time in the form of a really cool hen doo in Paris! Yay! I have never been to Paris so I really can't wait to check out the art, the river and hopefully swing by the opera to check out the buskers. I'm expecting to be proper-inspired :D


So just a quick little blog entry from me really but I felt the need to say how much I enjoyed Lapstock before I disappear for like a month whilst I cope with getting married! See you all on the other side of tulle & foliage haha

Rose xx